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Futon Life  Summer 1999
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Right-On-Futon: Coloring Outside The Lines
  Window Display that gets Chicago Tribune Magazine attention
  I have seen nothing that even remotely compares with the visual experience of walking into this futon showroom. Bello has taken his creativity, his art education and his personal contacts and has produced a truly unique retail environment. Unique being the key word...
Publishers Forum : Futon Association International & SSA Update
  Putting the shows together is a win-win situation
  They just happen for some people. For others trends are important movements in markets which must be understood or percieved...
Retail Perspective : Traditional Furniture Stores That Score Big
  Yes, you can have a successful futon department
  We began five years ago with a single black metal futon model, "explained Karlene Currie. "Then we got into a pine futon frame from a distributor, then we added four models from New West who went out of business. Well, we didn't give up hope. Today we have a complete futon department with ten models, and it's successful....
The Road Not Taken : It, This, Here, and There at the Futon Expo
  It is just like the waterbed business fifteen years ago!
  It" is the futon business, and I hear this question at every Futon Expo and High Point market. The people who pose this question are usually waterbed retailers. They watch futons with a wary eye, afraid to get in too deep or become too dependent....
Industry Updates : A New Star Rises In The Futon Universe
  Full Service Futon Mattress Program
  We are constantly exploring concepts from the furniture side of our business and seeking ways to apply these concepts to the futon industry. We believe this will enable us to create products that are even more serviceable and beneficial to the end user...
  Updating Futon Frame Collection
  We have become a major, important supplier of futon frames and matching furniture with our continued commitment to offer the highest quality products with the best value, all available for quick shipment nationwide," he said. Also announced the fact that his company has recently extended its warranty program to offer Limited Lifetime Warranty on all their futon frames....
  Updating The Softgoods Business Side
  By carefully choosing a selection of rich textures. Will continue to use only the highest quality materials in the production of their current lines. The very popular materials currently in production are: 7.5 ounce poly-cotton twill, a 100 percent cotton indigo denim and stunning plush corduroy....
Special Feature : Conformance to federal flammability requirements
  Buy product that meets state and federal standards
  Futon store owners play an important role in protecting customers. It would be morally and ethically wrong to carry questionable product. The possibility of non-conformance to flammability regulations has futon retailers concerned for several reasons. For many, the issue of consumer protection is both paramount and immediate....
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