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Futon Life  Fall 1995
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Fall Cover Story : Polishing Futon Image: NY Media Event
  Polishing Futon Image A New York Media Event
  Futon specialists and waterbed stores have known for some time that futon furniture is a winner, offering real value to consumers looking for an alternative to the traditional sofa....
  Mixed Futon Messages
  New York is a unique place. When I arrive the day before the futon shoot event the photographer is already at work, shooting futons....
Fall Publisher's Forum : Whatever Happened to Pete and Dave
  Futon Frames by Pete and Dave
  Even though Tilt is no more Dave and Pete are still making futon furniture. Pete Dodge has hooked up with Chet Stoler and Marty Biafora, and is doing futon consulting work at the new Casual Lifestyles plant....
Fall Retail Perspective : Two Futon Specialists Go up Against The Big Guys
  Casual Room Opens Futon Showroom
  Working with showroom designer Bear Murphy, each futon group is arranged within a vignette, using drapes and valances to create faux windows. Then designer accessories lamps ......
  Rising Star Futon Specializes in Quality
  We saw our main competition as the traditional sofa bed / hide-a-bed. We always designed our showrooms to display our futons as attractive pieces of furniture....
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