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Futon Life  Fall 1996
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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  SIS - Covering futon world
  Neither of the women fully realized the potential of the futon cover industry, for style would be the catalysts of their growth. "We really knew nothing about futon cover production....
  SIS futon cover - definitely has their act together
  Shari also noted that with over 250 different futon fabric selections in the line, at any given time, the custom department can also become a bottle neck when volume is high. ....
  SIS futon cover - Management
  We are then able to check futon cover inventory and develop the time line for production," said Joe. When you make the commitment to deliver stock futon covers in three days ....
Special Feature : The Little Guys Strike Back
  The Little Guys Strike Back
  We have an upscale environment with a heart." Business is so brisk that the pair plan to more than double Virtues' 2,000 square feet next year. Perhaps the most encouraging characteristic of this fresh breed of stubbornly competitive store ....
Publishers Forum : Nobody Knows Futons Like Futon Life
  Nobody Knows Futons Like Futon Life
  When we say "Nobody knows futons like Futon Life" we ain't just whistlin' Dixie. We've been covering this market since the very beginning. In1985 I went to the first ever meeting of the futon industry-at-large in, upstate New York....
Industry Updates : Futon World Updates
  Futons and Frames Introduces: Home Office Loft
  Futons & Frames, Inc., has adopted the philosophy that furniture should last as long as it takes to grow a tree. The multi-functional furniture features the loft with a twin size bed ....
  Environmentally Friendly Futons
  Great Lakes Futon is introducing a line of "Environmentally Friendly Futons" for the specialty-minded futon store. Japh Ryder, President and General Manager of Great Lakes Futon, Inc., says ....
  Full Line of Frames and Futons by King Koil
  King Koil decided to build a complete futon program made up of frames, futon mattresses, and covers. They felt that the futon market was healthy and growing (a trend, not a fad), and a great compliment to King Koil's existing business....
  Canadian made Futons
  Canadian furniture manufacturers, Lofa has successfully combined the features and benefits of both a futon and davenport sofa bed into an entirely new category of klik klak sofa - the "Lofa-Bed"....
  Futon Works at Great Value
  They heard their customer's desire to buy all wood frames. As a result, one and one-half years ago, they added two new partners to put together a manufacturing plant and oversee its operations....
  Futons Improve Bowling
  "How to Improve at Home", features descriptions and pictures of a bowler lofting a bowling ball into a futon mattress. An article will appear in each bi-monthly issue for the next two years....
  Futons get a face lift
  The Sofa Sleeper, manufactured by Sunny Manufacturing of Longwood, Florida, is available with bolster arm, sleigh arm, and a pillow arm. Base color choices include solid khaki, black, jade, army, natural, and plum....
  Environmentalism can be Profitable
  Recently, Trees for the Future has begun offering a point of sale program that provides futon retailers with "Tree Vouchers". The "Tree Vouchers" are given to the customers ....
  Futon Covers by Cotton Works
  The company guarantees shipping of regular futon cover orders within three working days. That's weeks faster than much of the competition. We keep a month's supply of fabric on hand ....
  WinsLoew Furniture Announces
  In stock aluminum and wrought iron casual furniture; contract seating for the hospitality and office furniture markets; futons, futon frames, and accessories; and ready-to-assemble futons spindle ....
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