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Futon Life  Fall 1997
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Elite Furniture: Coming of Age in a Maturing Market
  Maturing Futon Market
  As the industry began to mature a handful of companies began to dominate the futon frame business while many small regional mattress manufacturers and vertically integrated retailers made futon mattresses in small quantities for themselves and their local market....
  Price became the primary tool
  When a container came in I would call some of my friends up to help me unload it. Back then I had a 1700 square foot space. I would get a futon order, deliver it in my own truck and then come back and start all over again....
  Our goal is to meet a 48 hour turnaround time
  One of the most interesting aspects of the Elite Furniture story is their sales, product tracking and distribution technology. Software, developed exclusively for Elite, provides both the company and its customers with a powerful and comprehensive relational data base of information...
  Our futon buyers are our best advisors
  Because of an idea submitted by a dealer we have recently added value to our packaging by just adding a small piece of yellow string. The string is attached to the hardware bag and is then folded to hang outside of the box when it is sealed....
Publishers Forum : Who are the champions, my friend?
  Champions in futon category
  Who was going to be the champion of this publication? Do you have the same passion for this product you had five, ten, twenty years ago? Are you willing to defend yourself against our detractors who claim futons are just a pile of low end, promotional junk?...
Business Management : Gain Productivity for your Business
  Business Management
  Spend your time on what makes money. Let someone else sweat the small stuff. So goes the siren song from the growing swell of payroll processing firms. Their serenade has a mission: lure you away from those pesky administrative details that keep you from productive work. For many employers...
  Checking out the payroll processor
  You can avoid overpaying for this service if you draw up a list of precisely what you need to out source and what you don't. Beware the larger vendors, in particular, who may try to sell you too much service....
Retailer Perspective : Boost Performance With Shopping Services
  So how are your employees doing... really?
  Mystery shopping can answer some of the key questions that retailers have about their stores," says Howard Levinson, president of Howard Services, a Norton, Mass., mystery shopping firm which operates nationwide. "Is the staff performing good customer service? ...
  How to get the most out of a shopping service
  Get your staff on the team. If they resent the fact that you are mystery shopping your store, your whole mission will be counterproductive. It's a bad idea to try to hide the practice of mystery shopping from your employees. This will only encourage the view of the service as a "sneak attack" by management...
The Road Not Taken : Strange but true!
  Strange but true! What Goes With Futons.
  If you were merchandising a store, what would you show alongside of futons? I've seen some creative combinations, such as: Futons & Rolling Papers Is it proper to write about this? I think I'll do some further checking in Connecticut and Missouri before I tell you more about these two futon stores...
Special Feature : A Futon Life Feature Story
  Canadian Futon Pioneer
  This story begins in the early 80's when Daniel Fiset met Canadian futon pioneer Gaudry Normand, whom he hadn't seen in more than a decade. "Gaudry was a childhood friend of mine, but we had lost contact for a long time," said Fiset "...
Industry Updates : Updating Futon World
  Modular futon frame system
  Dramatic increases in sales of their futon frame and mattress lines have also forced August Lotz Co., Inc. to expand the size of its existing facilities. Currently, the August Lotz wood division is located in Boyd, Wisconsin. Construction of a new warehouse at the Boyd location...
  Exciting New Fabric Additions
  We believe Internet marketing is the wave of the future. That's why we're one of the first manufacturers of futon covers in the industry to have a web site. We wanted to try it out because we believe it will help our customers....
  New "Promotional" Convertible Futons
  We just wanted a futon frame that wouldn't break and that had more selling features for the futon store owner. They can now out-sell the competition, instead of out-pricing them. We made several improvements that we feel eliminate most of the quality issues that many have experienced....
  Gearing Up for a Busy Season
  Ten-inch Double Foam and Cotton Futon Mattress are off to a great start. Customers looking for a little extra comfort can find it there. Their unique Luxury Firm hair pad/wool wrap construction, and the Euro Plush fiber and foam futon mattresses, introduced as specialty products, are finding their way into the mainstream with each passing season....
  Where the technology meets the craftsmanship
  Company has taken its American made hardwood futon frame to a new level with a patent pending, ash, tri-fold collection. Presented at the San Francisco Design Furnishing Show, these new futon frames along with the antique finished pine frame collections were well received by shoppers.....
  The Futon Association
  "We wanted to expose several issues to the broad base of our membership" said David Buechner, Association President. "It is our hope that by opening up some of these issues to the full membership we will be enhancing our efforts to be responsive to the various interests of our membership...
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