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Futon Life  Fall 1998
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Big Tree & Big Sleep ... All the right stuff
  Big Tree & Big Sleep
  Futon furniture is slowly finding its way into the main stream and it’s companies like Big Tree and Big Sleep, with their high level of creativity at every stage of the process, that are helping to take us there...
  Big Tree & Big Sleep - Focus on Softgoods
  “When dealers see these products they don’t realize they are looking at a futon furniture product,” said Sheppard. And that seems to be the point. Futon dealers, at least those that understand the product, can sell the more typical looking futon furniture as well as these new variations....
Special Feature : Who Needs a Business Plan?
  Education at The Institute of Futon
  Some concepts sound so ingenious and are infused with so much common sense that you wonder why everyone isn't doing it. Everyone who participates in the Institute of Futon is evaluated - teachers, students, everyone...
  Planning your future ahead
  Most business owners and managers would agree that a business plan is a valuable if not necessary tool. You might find, however, that few of them have ever written one. There are many reasons why: in some cases because of a lack of time, in others because they don’t know where to begin...
  Keep your competitive edge
  Most business owners and managers would agree that a business plan is a valuable if not necessary tool. You might find, however, that few of them have ever written one...
Publishers Forum : Joe Tatulli - What Can I Say?
  What can I say? - The Chicken came first.
  I would call up all my advertisers and write their PR because most of them, although they knew what PR was, had no idea they actually had a “story” to tell. Many of the early ads were done over the phone with the advertiser telling me what they wanted to say, and me putting it together for them- all part of the service.
  Yes, We’ve Got You Covered.
  For instance, regarding the question of “best selling” price point, the S1 (specialty stores) results showed an even split between sales of the $75 futon cover and the $120 futon cover. On the other hand the S2 (more traditional stores) response was almost four to one in favor of...
Retailer Profile : Pacific Northwest Futon Leader
  America The Beautiful
  It is the only Northwest-area based company included in this year’s listing of furniture, bedding, and decorative accessories retail sales volume leaders...
Retailer Perspective : Is Your Store Different Enough To Be Remembered?
  Use these basic truths
  In order to capture shoppers’ interest, futon store owners need to find unique ways to burn the image of their stores into customers’ minds. Too many merchants look only to their own industry for display ideas. A trip to the local mall is definitely in order to start creative juices flowing...
The Road Not Taken : That Name? Where did they get that name?
  What's in a name
  The futon business has more than its share of cute and unusual names. Here are some of my favorites...
Industry Profile : An Interview with At Home's Sigmond Gordon
  Futon Furniture by At Home
  "At Home" has been trying to make it possible for any futon retailer to have quality products and present them in a way that will turn the shopper into a customer. Most of us know that furniture shoppers are motivated by more than price alone. A $99.00 price tag may be possible in every futon store...
Industry Updates : Concept of marketing the top selling futons
  Omni Notes... What’s In It For You?
  Free futon covers...Omni Notes has always offered its customers a wealth of information about Omni products and services, but the next issue may net customers an added bonus. A new promotion premiering next month will prompt customers to...
  Going East - Going West
  Harlee International has opened a futon showroom in New York City, and is part of their new warehouse location in Brooklyn. “We will be able to serve the East Coast more efficiently through this facility,” said company president, who added, “Our warehouse will allow us to service all the Big Apple too...
  Futon that is designed for porch and patio use
  One superior aspect of our new outdoor sofa sleeper sets is the inclusion of exciting, hot new fashion futon covers. Working with leading suppliers like Sunbrella provide our futon store owners with the sharpest ‘looks’ available. Fabrics are UV and mildew resistant and will be available in...
  Futons are “mainstream America” sofa sleepers.
  Gold Bond announced that its line of premium futon mattresses are now available throughout Western Canada following a distribution agreement with Cordova Bay Group...
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