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Futon Life  Fall 1999
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : The Futon Company
  A Value Based Business Model
  The manufacturing facility is a modern 30,000 square foot space that houses three different plants and the corporate offices. All our futon covers are cut right here and sewn both here and at three home sewers we use in the community. As we quickly move into the company’s full woodworking facility...
Special Feature : Feng Shui - Creating Harmony In The Home
  "Wind and Water” is the literal meaning of Feng Shui.
  In search of balance, health, and good fortune, Westerners are looking to the East, embracing the ancient promises and decorating principles of Feng Shui. And for some retailers, these old ideas mean new opportunities...
Publishers Forum : Pushing The Envelope vs. Sucking Wind
  As you may know our home base is Providence, Rhode Island
  Where am I going with all this you ask? I am either going to push the envelope or suck wind. We have all seen this phenomenon in our futon category, no doubt, but it has been going on for years throughout the home furnishings industry...
Retailer Profile : Buona Sera, From Milan, Italy
  When you think about Italy what comes to mind?
  When you think about Italy what comes to mind? The leaning tower of Pisa, the canals of Venice, or perhaps the Vatican or the Coliseum in Rome? Well I think about two things most of the time and I found both, and some of the best I've ever experienced, in Milano. Second thing I think about most of the time is futon furniture....
  Straightforward Tips for Success
  Successful non-mass merchant retailing in these parts takes more than a decent location and some price points. Locals know families going back a few generations, and they're inclined to buy quality home furnishings that, like the land all 'round them, will withstand the test of time...
The Road Not Taken : Pardon me? Your High Point Translation Guide
  Understanding High Point English
  In order to help myself, and you, I’ve put together this little translation guide. Now you’ll understand what they really mean in High Point conversation...
Business To Business : Two Smaller Companies and One Large
  A little reputation can go a long way
  Today, every Simmons futon frame must pass the rigorous MTL testing procedure, meaning the rack can withstand a 200 pound object landing on it without damaging it. The end result, of course, is a durable product with few returns for the factory. Maintaining this high level of product performance...
  An American Classic - Fine Woodworking
  Jaeger started his career in futon furniture working for William Brouwer, one of the early pioneers of the convertible futon frame. After the business folded and Brouwer had moved to Japan, Jaeger opened his own shop and continued making futon frames in the fine woodworking ...
  Simply Say - Zad Design
  Our futon furniture is well made and designed, and along with some of the other bedroom and living room pieces we are adding to our line. In the beginning the firm made only pine futon frames, but has added alder and oak futon frames to its collection...
Industry Updates : Preparing for High Point and the Future
  Exotic Solid Hardwood Futons
  The introduction of this Exotic Hardwood Futon collection will expand our customer base to include oak specialty and full line conventional furniture retailers,” says sales manager, who added, “It will also provide our existing futon specialty retailers with the additional accent pieces that their customers have been requesting...
  Futons Slipcovered by Your Request
  More and more of our customers wanted a complete piece of futon sets, and that meant right down to the futon slipcover.” This time they opted to follow tradition, rather than fight it. The search for truly washable and dry-able fabrics resulted in a partnership with Microfibr....
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