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Futon Life  Fall 2004
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Who's Got The Top Bunk?
  Who's Got The Top Bunk?
  Growing up, my twin brother and I used to fight over who got to have the top bunk. Since I was the older twin, I somehow got the upper hand...
Industry Focus : Shopping for Futons Inside the Big Box
  Does is pay to buy futons from BIG stores?
  As Furniture/Today’s Top 100 Furniture Retailers report reveals, the largest sellers of furniture in the US today aren’t traditional furniture stores...
Special Feature : Latex and Visco Elastic Foams
  Latex and Visco Foam Futons
  Visco and latex products are at the vanguard of the market. Most mattress producers now have some latex and visco - elastic products in their lines...
Publishers Forum : Lots To Cover, Not Much Time
  Lots To Cover, Not Much Time
  I went to the acclaimed Tupelo Furniture Market in August to see what it was all about. In a certain sense it was an eye opener...
Futon Life Web Site On Fire : Website records are meant to be broken
  Futon Life Web Site On Fire
  Records are meant to be broken and so it goes with our web site. We almost topped 30,000 unique visits with 111,247 page views...
The Road Not Taken : Queer Eye for the Futon Guy
  Queer Eye for the Futon Guy
  Futon Fear Factor - Beautiful supermodels vie for dominance in a weekly futon competition. In their first challenge, they cringe with disgust as they try to eat a plate of boll weevils, served over a bed of raw cotton....
Words On Fire : Flammability Updates
  Flammability Updates & News
  Getting Closer—Federal and California Laws Are Looming Large....
Industry Updates : King Koil Premium Futons Takes Off
  Wolf offers Premium Futon Line
  The “Platinum” utilizes a high density memory foam core laminated to a high density polyurethane foam core that is specifically engineered for a bi-fold futon frame and provides luxurious, visco-elastic comfort....
  Sunbrella Indoor Outdoor futon cover Line
  With the trend toward indoor and outdoor living spaces coming closer together, trims and fabrics that are fade, water, soil- and mildew-resistant have become very popular....
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