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Futon Life  Spring 1996
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Spring cover Story : The Massey Factor
  The Ron Massey Factor
  I'd been selling the Brouwer futon Bed in Providence for a year or two but I'd heard that the new T.H.I.S. futon frame was definitely a step in a new direction. The futon frame was made in Canada....
  Massy Riding the Pony Express
  Massey created furniture for every room. A bed with incorporated night tables, a dinning room table and chairs with a serving trolley, and a huge L-shaped sofa with end tables and coffee tables....
  Never Say Die - futon journey begins
  He responded with a futon frame that looked like a stationary, early version of the T.H.I.S. convertible futon frame of 1984. Massey also developed a futon lounger he called the Shibumi....
  Massy Futon Designer to futon Distributor
  Several things happened at this point that once again changed Massey's direction. Massy's new futon frame "Le Baiser à Dianna", which along with the other offerings were shipping, in total, at about one thousand futon frames per month....
Publishers Forum : Classic Business Redemption Story
  Classic Business Redemption Story
  New West's futon production time with a very low margin product and also caused the company to lose sight of its futon business. Since then a startling turn around has occurred for the futon industry this spring....
Retail Perspective : Consensus Futon Research
  Consensus Futon Research
  The finished hardwood futon frame, unfinished pine, and imported metal futon frame construction were most commonly sold. A majority of respondents said that these three types comprised up to 40 percent of their futon sales....
The TB 117 Issue Raised : TB 117 Flammability Issue
  The TB 117 Flammability Issue
  Consumer Affairs observes that a futon contains the elements that make up upholstered furniture. "Therefore," explains Hatchel, "futons, as an item of upholstered furniture, must comply with the TB 117 standards....
Flammability Issue Respond : Futon Association Responds
  Futon Association Responds
  We have taken great interest in understanding and complying with the laws and regulations concerning both the upholstery and bedding industries....
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