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Futon Life  Spring 1997
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Wolf Mattresses A Study In Durability and Comfort
  Wolf Corporation
  Wolf's commitment to the futon furniture category is best exemplified in their exclusive Endura™ cotton-polyester blend, the company's benchmark futon batting. Since then the company has grown substantially in two major areas, first as a supplier of fiber and pads for the mattress and furniture industries and as an independent manufacturer of innerspring bedding...
  One of the top two or three producers in the country
  Lots of them were waterbed retailers who were sliding from 'waterbed only' to other retail variations like specialty sleep shops and lifestyle furniture stores. They were now selling futons and other types of bedding too." Wolf had been in the waterbed business, as a major supplier of covers and soft side components during the seventies and eighties....
  Machinery and cotton garnetting process
  Our unit did not have a single failure. No tufts broke, there was no pocketing of foam or fiber into the spring unit, and not a single spring was even slightly damaged," Gary Cohen said. He explains Endura cotton's mix of fibers which includes a blend of two recycled polyester fibers ...
  Better bedding products that transcend the "price only" issue
  My question to Wolf was what separates the successful retailers from the marginal ones. His response centered around a commitment to the category at every level of the sale. "Retailers need to gain an understanding of what this product can do," said Wolf. He related a story about ...
  "FAI needs to synergize with larger trade associations"
  Wolf also made it clear that he believed the basic function of a trade association is to provide a base from which a large and very diverse group of businesses can gather industry statistics and current market information.
Publishers Forum : Three Issues as We Are Coming of Age
  Futon Association embarked on the difficult task
  In the autumn of 1994, the Futon Association embarked on the difficult task of doing a third party manufacturers survey. It was determined then that without the hard numbers we would always be perceived as an immature stepchild of the larger home furnishings industry....
  Talking about the Futon Association
  When I was chosen to serve on the board in San Diego, in 1993, FAI was a smaller, gentler association. Since then running the Association has become a rather substantial business. The board deals with issues concerning a full time staff, operating budgets, PR plans, legalities and government regulations, a growing trade show...
Retailer Perspective : Secrets of Great Display Ads
  Successful Advertising Campaigns
  Research shows that less than 30 percent of readers notice any given advertisement. And less than 10 percent read more than half of any given ad. So it's vital that every element of your advertisement grab and hold the reader for dear life. How can you pump more sales steam into your own display ads?...
  Let Your Fingers do the Walking
  "Don't Read This Ad!" is simple and stops the reader from turning the page. While it does not communicate a specific message, it's a proven winner. It shows that not every headline has to satisfy all three criteria. You can specify your message in a subhead...
  Select the right ad size.
  Avoid fancy borders that might irritate a reader who is already prone to ignore advertising. A border that strings a bunch of arrowheads together, pointing toward the center of the ad, may appear to do an admirable job of grabbing the attention of a busy reader....
The Road Not Taken : Take twenty minutes
  I thought about Charlie and American Futon
  I don't know about you, but I rarely think to take twenty minutes for something fun or pointless. A detour, if you will. A lot of people in the futon business knew him. Charlie Fiantaca was feisty, energetic, creative, and he had a legendary temper. He could blow up and yell at you, really go nuts....
Industry Updates : Recalls for Futon Mattresses
  New futon styles are ready to ship!
  Barrel bolt construction allowed us to knock down the futon frame for shipping and little tricks like using a metal ball-bearing roller to reduce friction in the groove and extending the seat section leg to the ground combine to make these futon frames both durable and easy to operate...
  Natural finish in solid Ash is "The Big One"
  The second award was a patent for their "Edge" futon mattress. This patent covers all reinforcement (edging or bolsters) when used in the interior of a futon. Casual Lifestyles is in the process of notifying all manufacturers that are infringing on their patent to immediately cease and desist their manufacturing and distribution....
  Nyatoh Wood and Wicker Futon Group
  Noting that Nyatoh hardwood is currently being featured by Crate & Barrel and Hammacher & Schlemmer, Island Futon President Ron O'Neil said value-seeking consumers are beginning to learn about the durability and earth-friendly aspects of Nyatoh hardwood. "Our wood provides enduring lustrous beauty...
  Bringing New Designer Collection To May Futon Show
  The 25 piece Monticello Oak Futon Collection was created by leading home furnishings designer Steven Sanfilippo. Cabinet and furniture makers, bridge builders, master carpenters and ship makers have used this oak throughout American history. White oak is an easily harvested and replenished resource. Its environmentally-sound status will be noted on all in-store signs....
Updating Soft Side of Futons : More Updates
  Genuine polar fleece and retro futon covers are in
  Also, super soft, snuggly and durable, Polar fleece has been one of the most sought after apparel fabrics. Now it's a great look for your futon to wear also! We are offering genuine Polarfleece, specifically engineered for the home, for futon covers and coordinating pillows. Polar-fleece offers wonderful surface softness, a non-pil construction, the ease of machine washable and a sporty, outdoor look....
  A national innovator in recycled-material futons
  Each WellSpring Supreme Futon contains seven layers of foam and recycled poly fibers, totaling about nine inches in thickness. the central E-Foam core is surrounded on either side by layers of CloverFill, a green-colored recycled poly fiber. Next come two layers of convoluted "egg carton" E-Foam, followed by two outer layers of WellSpring fiber...
Business to Business : Business News
  Primo International Announce Futon Mattress Recall
  WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Primo International of Montreal, Quebec, is recalling about 1,600 futon mattresses distributed in the United States. The futon mattresses, which fail to meet U.S. federal mandatory standards for mattress flammability, could ignite and smolder...
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