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Futon Life  Spring 1999
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : The Futon Ladies
  The Futon Ladies
  What is it about this futon industry that attracts successful women? How did they get here? What are the secrets to their success? Do they enjoy their work? ...
  The Futon Ladies - Road Less Traveled
  "It’s a man’s world,” explains Lillian Nazginov. “It’s particularly difficult for a woman to start a business. They don’t take you seriously, don’t trust you. There’s a lot of skepticism and you have to prove them wrong...
  The Futon Ladies - Inspiring thread of continuity
  "The women leaders of this futon industry are clearly drawing on their unique strengths to develop successful businesses. They’ve followed their artistic and creative talents into a new field. They’ve succeeded as pioneers because of their perseverance....
Publishers Forum : Our Mission or Why Does FutonLife.com Exist?
  Our Mission or Why Does FutonLife.com Exist?
  The reason we exist today, and the basic mission of our publication is simple: to inform and define the category for futon newcomers, and continue to inform and chronicle the history of this niche product category for long term players and our cumulative posterity....
  A Futon Web of Confusion
  Two seemingly very large e-tailers are attempting to woo web customers to their very elaborate sites to buy what most people go shopping for at a futon furniture store. But that’s only the beginning of the story....
Retailer Profile : Maryland's Futon & Bedroom Factory
  Futon & Bedroom Factory Profile
  Sagacious furniture experience, youthful exuberance, lighthearted whimsy and some straightforward high-level Midwestern advice is a combination bringing Marylanders a futon retailer unlike any other...
  Futon & Bedroom Factory - Julia Flynn
  Pace setting retail sales performer Julia Flynn routinely sets sales records at retailer Futon & Bedroom Factory. She won her first sales contest in the second grade when she out-sold every other 8 year-old, won a bicycle for her efforts....
The Road Not Taken : Eating My Way To Futon Heaven
  Strolling down the futon lane
  Some of my most memorable meals have been shared with friends from the world of futons. If I could spend a day re-living my favorite eating-with-futon-friends memories, this is what I'd order up...
Business To Business : Two Smaller Companies and One Large: Just Filling The Niche
  CottonBelle’s mission of providing well crafted futons
  The staff also includes part-time and contract employees as well as six consultants, including some men. “Our part-time staffers and consultants are invaluable in helping us meet peak production demands as well as provide accounting, product development and art direction skills...
  On Assignment A-1 At Island Futon
  He is Dan O’Neil, the Director of Quality Assurance for Island Futon Company, and he has an inspection to complete before catching a late afternoon flight to Kuala Lumpur, when he’ll fly over places named Sunggabuwana, Palembang, then over the Straits of Malacca into Malaysia....
  Cotton Works Celebrates 10 Years Of Steady Growth
  While Cotton Works has changed its location, narrowed its focus solely to futon covers and expanded its marketing reach, the company has held fast to its founding principle of providing quality products with excellent service, says CW President Jim Martin....
Industry Updates : Latest updates on products:
  Looking to the futon furniture industry for guidance
  Every year companies who manufacture futon products, as well as suppliers of materials used in that manufacturing process give generously to subsidize many of the events that take place at the Futon Association’s annual Expo. This year, with the cooperative effort of the Specialty Sleep Association and its members...
  Furniture Shopping Improves Again
  This is actually quite good to see, but the impact of this force is somewhat lost unless shoppers themselves are the wave, and the futon retailers are the crest. When retailers are both the wave and crest, it does little better than maintain sales levels. “Furniture is still taking a back seat to buying a new home, or new car or truck”...
  Comfort Plush Ultra Premium Futon Makes Debut at Las Vegas Show
  The Comfort Plush Futon utilizes four 7/8” layers of super soft high resiliency foam and three layers of 8 inch thick densified polyester fiber batt projected to last 50 times longer than standard polyester batting, the highest quality in the bedding business...
  Recognizes the importance of well-made, quality products for the futon industry
  Produce futon furniture using better raw materials and a superior mechanism. By doing so, consumer can get the support of on-time delivery, and a consistency of product quality....
  Updating categories for Futon EXPO
  Company was recently awarded a 20 year patent for its unique “E-Z Open” front conversion futon system. The company has instituted an 18 step Quality Assurance factory quality check program and ships in newly designed “Tuff Pak” product packaging to minimize freight damage...
  Welcome to the Universe of New Concept
  What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘quality futon’? Is it synonymous with unbeatable price points, a complete finish choice, superior style selection, with professional marketing support and step-up opportunities? However you define it, you are sure to find what many others have already discovered....
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