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Futon Life  Spring 2000
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Hickory Springs: From The Frying Pan Into The Fire
  Hot Stuff Girls
  Sales manager of Hickory Springs’ Fiber Division, and Wendi Hartsoe, the company’s futon accounts manager, offered show attendees bottles of Louisiana hot sauce... What we have tried to do is apply our company’s vast knowledge....
Special Feature : Exclusive: State of the Industry Advertising Survey
  In our survey, about advertising, saying, “It works!” “It’s good!”, “Worth every penny!” and “Without it you make nothing.” Rather than a shot in the dark, these futon furniture dealers are shooting their well-timed and well-aimed advertising arrows at a specific target”...
Publishers Forum : What Have You Done For Me Lately?
  Numero Uno
  As futon shop keeper you have the wonderful opportunity of delivering an added value every time you engage in a sales transaction. As a consumer (as I mentioned in a recent forum) I have had the pleasure of doing business with Nordstrom, which just opened an outlet here in Providence...
Retail Perspective : Futons on the Net - A look at Futon Furniture Websites
  Why buy futons on-line?
  We’ve sold our futons to customers in Florida and New York, and I’ve met wonderful people. So far, it’s been a thoroughly delightful experience. On-line customers are time savers, or maybe they don’t like talking to people...
The Road Not Taken : Before they made futons, what did they do?
  Old Jobs
  Here’s a look at the previous careers of some notable futoneers. See if you can match up each person with their old job...
Business To Business : Two Anniversaries: 25 years Down East & 20 Years Out West
  Down East - Maine, USA
  Like many other cottage industry entrepreneurs they began making and selling products in a small workshop space. “We started out in the waterbed industry and did very well,” said Hammann. The beds were made in the back room, and there was a small retail showroom in front....
  Out West - Albuquerque, NM
  Ramblin Wood makes about ten different platform beds but their standard bed can be customized. “We make several different finished products from a single basic design. We make beautiful, easy-to-assemble beds, and fine futon furniture for customers who want something different from the usual showroom product...
Industry Updates : New Opening Lines at Winter Market
  Market Update - Weatherall Outdoor Futon Covers
  Winter Furniture Market. Despite the heavy rain, many futon retailers came and were impressed with the new offerings. The hit of the show was a fabric called Belle, a subtle pattern that not only looks great but is made of the same washable fabrics...
  Toronto International - New products
  This is Canada’s largest furniture showcase, featuring: dining room, dinettes, living room, bedroom, accent furnishings, futon furniture, mattresses, lighting, home office, home theater, and décor accessories....
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