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Futon Life  Spring 2001
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Futon Mattresses - It’s All About Comfort.
  All the comfort comes from the mattress
  We spoke to nine major futon mattress manufacturer here in the states and asked each four questions. We wanted to find out what is currently happening with new innovations and components, what models have the best sell through and at what price points, what migration exists, if any, of futon mattresses into the bedroom....
Special Feature : Futon Covers: What's hot and what's not
  Take a glimpse at what’s hot and what’s not.
  Anticipating futon fashion, cover, and fabric trends, it may be sooner than next year. Home textile mills report that futon customers are actually among the quickest in the furniture market to adopt the newest styles. They notice that the futon market is in fact a bit ahead of furniture trends. As fashion trends...
Retail Perspective : FAQ Futon Questions & Answers
  FAQ Futon Questions & Answers
  Why are we sharing all this with you? As futon manufacturers and retailers of futon furniture we thought forwarding some of this intelligence would be valuable to you. Consumer shopping and buying statistics and information is valuable stuff. And since we are telling consumers what would be the best course of action for their particular situation....
Publishers Forum : There is nothing more satisfying than being right
  "Because I said so, that’s why!"
  I remember those times growing up when my dad would say something like, “Because I said so, that’s why!“ He had the authority to get away with that line of reasoning back then These days, in a culture where truth is relative and where no standard is the standard, it is much more difficult to make absolute...
The Road Not Taken : Here is the Futon Dictionary you've been waiting for!
  Futon Dictionary
  Here, at last, the world's first comprehensive Futon Dictionary, as compiled by the internationally renowned futon lexicographer...
Industry Updates : Providing you with the latest trends
  Providing you with the latest trends
  Going the extra mile could put you in the driver’s seat of a brand new PT Cruiser.Cotton Works, Inc., Life Style Solutions by Elite and Wolf Futon, three of the futon industry’s top manufacturers, are sponsoring a giveaway to drive home their desire to help futon store owners increase their sales....
  Bringing the Best Futon Mattress Ever To Las Vegas
  HS Fibers offers a number of quality futon mattresses available in a variety of configurations, ranging from a basic 8 inch foam and fiber mattress to the deluxe Monte Carlo mattress that combines fiber, down, latex, high performance foam and an innerspring unit. In addition, futon mattresses from the premium Passport Collection....
  Unveiling a new line of fashionable futon frames
  The futon frames, inspired by the European nouveau and techno furniture styles, will clearly attract those sophisticated futon buyers who like the concept of a metal futon frame, but until now have not been able to find any that appeal to them, and are in their price range....
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