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Futon Life  Spring 2004
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : The Sofa Sleeper for the New Millennium
  The Electric Slide - Futon goes electric
  This futon frame fton frame was awarded the 1983 Daphne Award for the best new design at the High Point Furniture Market.
  The Metal Age of Futon furniture
  This metal mechanism, and others like it, have found their way into futon frames from Danish manufacturer Innovation, and many other companies too....
Special Feature : Futon Roots
  The Futon Roots
  When Joe Tatulli at FutonLife.com told me that he was doing an issue focusing on futon conversion mechanisms, my mind drifted back to my early involvement with American style futon furniture and the kind of frames we used to define our idea of a niche industry....
  Futon that is Made in America
  There are very few manufacturers left making high end futon frames in the United States. The Bed Works, in Maine, Norka in Pennsylvania, S&J Woodworks in Massachusetts, and several other craftsman owned....
Industry Focus : Tire Kickers and Futon Buyers
  Getting Outside of the Box
  In one way or another, futon furniture is coming to Las Vegas. And, much like a poker game, futon companies with different strategies are coming to the table ...
Publishers Forum : The Measure of Success
  Outsourcing Futons Sounds Like Early Retirement?
  Made of 100% cotton the Japanese futon quickly morphed into something that had the square edged shape of an American mattress, while retaining the flexibility of the original design....
The Road Not Taken : Assorted Musings, Bits & Pieces
  Common misperception of futons
  “This futon thing,” they’d say thoughtfully, “It reminds me of waterbeds fifteen years ago.” Then they’d describe to me how red-hot waterbeds were in the beginning, then, sadly....
Words On Fire : Flammability Updates
  Flammability Updates
  California has approved the nation’s first standard requiring that mattresses, box springs and futons sold to consumers provide protection against an open flame causing the product to burn intensely...
Industry Updates : Expanding Rattan Futon Furniture Line
  Knock Down Futon Frames is now completely under one roof.
  Knock Down Futon Frames is now completely under one roof. Consolidating production, office, and warehouse into a 25,000 square foot building with room to grow. Look for new products coming soon, some of which will be ready for the Philadelphia Futon Expo....
  Patent pending ottoman for “chair” and “loveseat style” futon frames
  The ottoman features folding legs that allow customers to roll the ottoman and its included high density foam cushion under the frame when it’s not needed....
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