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Futon Life  Spring 2006
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Spring Cover Story : What Retailers Need to Know about Top of the Bed
  Top of the Bed
  Pillows are the highlight of bedding accessories. “People buy pillows four or five times a year without guilt, so it’s the price point that has to be competitive, and it has to be fun....
  Forecasting cover trend
  There's always going to be trends, there's always going to be fashion, there's always going to be color...
Conversing : 10 Great Questions to Ask Futon Buyers
  Instead, they varied widely in their motivations for futon shopping, their comfort with online and catalog futon shopping, and their emotional connection to their homes....
Publishers Forum : Futon Game On? Or Game Over?
  Publisher's Forum
  Several years ago we did an online survey of consumers comparing traditional sleepers with futon sleepers. Most people can Not distinguish a futon sofa sleeper from a traditional sofa
Furniture Primer : Wood Joinery Primer
  Furniture Primer
  Traditional wood joinery, and some modern variations, are integral components in the planning, design and production of machine manufactured futon frames...
Spring Feature Story : American Furniture Alliance Website Offers Build-a-Futon Tool
  Feature Story
  With all the futon options we offer and the pace of change in the industry, we needed a way to get the best and most comprehensive product information to our customers fast.
Shelter Magazine Digest : Media
  Shelter Magazine Digest
  We have included demographic information for each magazine so that you can quickly pinpoint which ones might appeal most to your store’s target demographic. You can then incorporate the latest looks into your merchandise mix and product displays....
The Road Not Taken : Pillow Talk
  The Road Not Taken
  You see them in your store all the time…the customers who are looking, but you just can’t get them to buy today...
Words On Fire : Flammability Updates
  Words On Fire
  Why We Should Focus on Product Quality. Aspects of the New Law. New Law You May Not Be Aware Of...
Futon Shop Talk : Futon Enters Better Homes and Gardens
  Better Homes and Gardens reaches over 40,000,000 monthly readers. Published by one the nation’s leading media and marketing companies, Meredith Publishing (Ladies Home Journal, Parents, Family Circle, and 200 special interest publications under the Better Homes
Futon Expo Update : Business Leader of the Year Award
  Futon Expo Update
  White Lotus also offers certified organic cotton mattresses, pillows and other bedding accessories, products made from wool, organic buckwheat, and kapok....
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