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Futon Life  Summer 1997
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Burlington Futon Company
  A Classic Futon Fairy Tale.
  Many of the companies that are currently topping the charts in the futon furniture category have a similar historical background. They started because an individual believed that futons were a great place to sit and sleep, and this person wanted to share this new found treasure with the world and maybe make a few bucks too....
  Moving into the futon cover business in earnest.
  We were able to find good people, negotiate a favorable lease, and we were able to buy cutting and sewing machinery for ten cents on the dollar," said Binkhorst. Unlike the rest of the world, the futon furniture business was on a steep growth curve with plenty of new customers to go around, and Burlington got their share...
  Two distinct futon cover programs
  The assorted program at Burlington is very different from the typical factory select program. The program is directed by Burlington's wholesale marketing department. "This program allows our dealers to get only the assorted futon covers they want and not have someone else decide for them. We take every fabric available for this program, cut six inch square swatches, and number them for easy identification...
  Cover that sells the entire category
  We are an industry leader - that means being a proactive company. We stay on top of what fabrics and colors are selling in traditional and contemporary furniture, then make sure we have these similar styles available for our futon covers. Our goal is to offer the look and feel that the customer wants....
Publishers Forum : Blowin' In The Wind
  Renewing Positive Attitude
  What will help is the realization that May actually was a great month for many futon retailers. The pattern plays itself out every year. One way to check the tide is to talk to a lot of people. To illustrate, I was talking to a friend the other day who was rather down in the mouth about the current (from his/her perspective) state of affairs in our category....
  People get confused with too many choices
  The big unknown was how the traditional furniture stores would handle the futon furniture category. Several have bought into the category and have a real program in place. Unfortunately, many others have chosen to dabble. Many of these companies fail to succeed because of their lack of commitment....
  The Futon Expo
  Within the Association, like any group of this size, there are some extremely divergent views on the how's, why's, what's, who's, when's and where's concerning the Futon Expo. Over the past five years the show has grown in exhibitors, exhibitor space, and attendance – except for attendance at the most recent show where numbers were...
Industry Updates : Updating the Futon World
  Keeping up with the trends
  At the recent Futon Expo in Phoenix, the Beorc Company unveiled its new velvet collection for the Davenportsleeper™. One of the new futon frame styles called the Dino, a 50's retro-styled futon frame, was upholstered in a clay velvet with swirl embossing....
  Lofa Sofa News
  A Canadian company that only makes upholstered furniture, Danabel has done so for over 26 years! Some of the advantages the LofaBed has over traditional sofa-beds are that it has a 7-inch base for storing sheets, blankets, and pillows; a fabric covered 8-inch buttoned futon supported by elastic webbing....
  We've geared up and we're ready to go
  Leading futon retailers will begin showcasing the Oak Futon Collection, the futon industry's high-quality oak furniture line, in retail showrooms this summer as a result of the 58 year-old manufacturer's successful futon introduction at the Futon Association International's Phoenix Expo...
  Futon Company Offers Practical Tips On How To
  A nine page sales education manual, a guide to properly present futons to prospective consumers, is being supplied to the industry by Island Futon and is now available. The Education Manual details futon benefits, steps of the sale, proper in-store greetings, qualifying the customer, product demonstration, Island Futon features and benefits...
  New Futon Mattress Systems from Otis Bed
  These unique futon systems utilize the latest fiber technology from DuPont Dacron® 3D molded cluster to provide total body support and ensure a good night's sleep. According to the DuPont Dacron® fiberfill furniture and mattress product development team, DuPont Dacron® 3D is truly innovative...
  King Koil and Big Sleep
  Reflex Foam by Foamex comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that Big Sleep passes along to the consumer. Independent testing proves Reflex Foam outlasts all conventional cushioning materials, so it made sense to use only the best material available for their top of the line...
  Full Lines at Futon Expo
  Elite Furniture of San Jose, CA, an industry leader in futon frames and related products, has opened East Hartford, Connecticut as a fifth distribution center serving North America and abroad. "It's possible for Elite Furniture to ship virtually any where in North America in three days or less," said Sean Pathiratne...
The Road Not Taken : What's in a name?
  Which of these words is in your name?
  Tell me the name of your business and your city, and I can tell you, with 95% certainty, what your business looks like. You have a tastefully decorated store with some track lighting and a nice carpet, and you sell better quality merchandise, much of it displayed in room settings....
Retailer Perspective : Heart to Heart Selling
  Just for starters
  Customers say they buy with their heads, but they have a decision making organ in their bodies far more powerful than their brain...
  Your Customer is an Old Friend
  Communications studies show that 80% of a customer's first impression of you has nothing to do with your words. A full 50% is your appearance and body language. Another 30% is the sound of your voice and your energy level....
  Ask A "Long-Form Questions"
  Just like there are short-form and long-form tax returns, there are questions requiring short answers, and questions requiring longer answers. Very early in the conversation, ask your customer a long-form or open ended question....
  "This solution is bulls-eye."
  It's the one that starts beating before we're born and continues until the moment we die. And it's the one futon retailers must aim at to make people buy...
  Sow Seeds For The Next Sale
  Your customers don't know this, but they are handing you a key to relating to them on a subconscious level. They've revealed which sense they respond to most - seeing, hearing or feeling....
Business and Pleasure : Wedding at the Futon Show
  Wedding Bells at Futon Expo
  Every Futon Expo has its moments to remember but we doubt anyone will be able to top the recent Expo's Rodeo Wedding. Dean Roland of Beorc was married to Julie Pak in a wonderful ceremony on the rodeo grounds of Corona Ranch at the recent Futon Expo Saturday Night Banquet in Phoenix....
  Bedding Center participants in the spotlight
  Business was brisk at the ISPA Bedding Center at Interzum in Cologne, Germany. Sponsored by the International Sleep Products Association, the Center provided a sharp focus on the global bedding business, showing every aspect of the mattress manufacturing....
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