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Futon Life  Summer 2000
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Verlo - A Retailer On A Mission
  The Tipping Point
  As you read on it will become evident that Verlo Mattress Factory Stores has been very successful with its futon furniture program by focusing on quality and the higher price points. Simply put, this is a story about vertical marketing at its best....
Special Feature : Going Public
  To promote your business outside of the traditional advertising avenues. You could have chosen any number of strategies to bring about a positive image of your futon store apart from paid advertising. And that is what public relations, or PR, is all about...
Futon Furniture Commentary : Pushing The Price Envelope
  What the People Say
  It’s not unusual for a futon, frame and cover to start at $1000 retail, and futon products are beginning to be recognized by retail customers as an acceptable choice for the front room of today’s upscale homes....
Publishers Forum : Like Jerry Says, Here's Some Stuff You Ought To Know
  Growth Stuff
  Three years ago we started our web adventure with the Futon Life web site. We decided then that we would publish all our analog content on the web. None of our competitors followed our lead. And why should they? The furniture world is still dominated by men in suits who read analog magazines....
The Road Not Taken : An Expert's Guide To Killing Time On The Road
  Killing Time
  What do you do when you’re away from home on business, and you find yourself with free time during the day? ... After three hours, I had still not seen all of “Big Mamie,” but it was time to push on to my next stop...
Industry Updates : Two New Premium Mattresses Debut
  New product offerings
  Two new mattresses - the industry’s first pure natural latex foam mattress and the industry’s finest individually encased heat tempered coil futon mattress - are in full production following instant success on retail floors this spring...
  Meeting the needs
  After the product has been developed, the selling process begins. There are three steps: sell the buyer, sell the retail sales force, and sell the consumer. The response of the buyer is almost universal, “It’s truly a great product, but we have never sold these price points before.”...
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