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Futon Life  Winter 1996-1997
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Winter Cover Story : Fifteen Years and Still Going Strong
  Fifteen Years and Still Going Strong
  In the scope of US corporate history fifteen years is nothing, but in the futon world fifteen years is ancient. Steve Leichter, now the president of Futons By Harlee International....
  Harlee Futon Distribution Factor
  We are talking three to four months of futon frame inventory on hand. By early next year Harlee will be putting in a full bar coding system on all futon frames as well.....
  Futon Frames by Harlee Transitions
  With the shrinking of the waterbed sales, many customers have become sleep shops who carry flotation, innerspring, and futon furniture. "During the waterbed boom of the mid eighties webegan to expand into hardware for waterbed frames and also began to manufacture vinyl waterbed liners for the rapidly growing category .....
  Harlee Futon Importers Exporters Distributor
  We've been doing this futon import thing for so long that there is simply no problem problem that we haven't solved. The company is also very different from most pure futon distributors .....
Futon Life Feature Story : This Internet Thing
  This Internet Thing
  Our company has made the commitment to be on the cutting edge of this new technology and to help anyone we communicate with to be up to speed as well. The article that follows....
Publishers Forum : High Point Furniture The Update
  We Have Arrived
  In the past three or four years the visibility of futon furniture has risen dramatically. The image of futon industry may be low end but that hasn't stopped the growth. Through the efforts of the Futon Association PR program, this magazine ....
Retailer Perspective : Futon Furniture Compass Points
  Futon Furniture Compass Points and the Road to the Frontier
  I chose to visit four futon furniture retailers in the area. One was Jordan's, a family-owned furniture superstore that carries a truly comprehensive selection of traditional items. The other three were futon furniture stores ....
  Home Design Bed Works
  With twenty years of experience as a designer, builder, and retailer in the futon furniture industry, we know marketplace well. Articulating what makes the futon category unique comes easily to him. He points out that any ....
  Fly-By-Night, Home Design - Bed Works
  This discussion led me to view Fly-By-Night futon store in a different light than I had originally. Within a few minutes of my arriving at his futon store, a railroad car layout occupying about 1000 sq foot ....
  Futons, Etc, Fly-By-Night, Home Design
  I'm not just talking about futon furniture retailing but about a far more complex and interconnected pattern having to do with retailing in general - and where the threads representing this category lie in the broader fabric of the entire furniture industry....
Industry Updates : Futon Association Board Increases
  Futon Association Launches Expo Event Sponsors
  We are very excited about seeing fine futon furniture in high visibility consumer media like Better Homes and Gardens magazine," said Joe Tatulli, chairman of the Association's Futon Marketing Council....
  Futon Place - We Got You Covered
  Designer futon cover sets are the latest addition to the product line of high quality futons, frames, foam pads, and covers for futons that we offers. This is another example of how Futon Place lives up to their motto....
  Platform Beds by August Lotz
  These beds are equipped with ledger boards that can be adjusted high or low to accommodate either a futon mattress or traditional box spring frame. The unique platform bed slat system provides exceptional support ....
Better Sleep Council : Sleep Environment Factors
  No Articles Pages Available
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