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Futon Life  Winter 1997-1998
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : August Lotz
  August Lotz from the beginning
  The company operates out of a modern 100,000 square foot facility in Boyd, a rural, northern Wisconsin town with a population of about 680. “Boyd is right next to Chippawa Falls and Eau Claire,” said Mark Schlichter, company president, “home to Cray Research, Johnson Matthey, and Hutchinson Technology....
  Lotz: American Woodworking at its best
  Back then, with fine woodworking in his blood, Barton wasn’t satisfied with Davis’ direction. “We had a different direction in mind for this little known product back then,” said Schlichter, who together with Barton made a bid to buy Davis’ company...
  Lotz: Understanding what we are all about
  “One of the many things that sets us apart from many other furniture manufacturers is our In-Stock’ program. Operating at a 90% fill rate, we believe we are able to turn orders around faster than anyone else in the industry. This enables our customers to maintain a lower overhead by placing orders more frequently....
  Lotz: A classic example of a fine furniture
  “We decided to make the move into the futon mattress business two years ago,” said Schlichter. Universal Comfort, a division of August Lotz, is a 27,000 sq. ft. facility, sitting on ten acres in beautiful northwest Wisconsin. Andy Nowack, plant manager and garnett expert extraordinaire...
  Quality control that is second to none
  We Don’t Skip the Details...
Publishers Forum : It’s Survey Time Again
  Don’t believe everything you hear
  Well after much additional research I must report the following. As far as I can tell “Southern Yellow Pine” and “Rubber Wood” are not actual species at all. To clarify, in the case of Southern Yellow Pine, we are talking about a generic name for four or five named species. Those species, ...
Retailer Perspective : How to fight big stores
  Let’s see what retail consultants say
  “Is there hope? Very much so,” says Jack Rice, a Longmont, Colo.,-based consultant who tours the country helping small retailers fight back. “In practically every town with a Big Box retailer you will find at least one outstanding independent operator who is thriving.”...
  Network in your business and community
  Train sales staff to respond quickly and appropriately when a customer enters the your store.Value. Low price does little good if the product or service doesn’t do everything the customer needs. Customers will be loyal to a store that satisfies their needs, even if the price is higher....
Business Management : A Step-By-Step Guide To Turning Things Around
  Allow your customer to blow off steam if she must
  First and foremost, listen. And listen immediately. No delays. And as you listen, remember the triggers that can deepen customer anger: a seemingly uncaring attitude, argumentation, or officious bureaucratic behavior....
  Taking Leave of Your Customer
  A word of inspiration: this stage of discussion is often frustrating and aggravating. But think of it is an opportunity to sell your responsiveness. If you can make a “sale” here, you may end up with a grateful customer for years to come....
The Road Not Taken : The Birthplace of the Futon
  I’ve been to two towns claiming to be the “Birthplace"
  It’s always fun to see how a town describes itself. You’ll see a sign announcing that this is the “home” or the “birthplace” of somebody or something. Washington Crossing the Delaware,” you know what I saw, and you also realize how this place got it’s name. The little nearby bridge....
Industry Updates : Futon World Updates
  In the past, this section was called “NEWS NEWS NEWS”. In response to the fact that, for the most part, these stories are not reports generated by Futon Life, we decided to change the name of this section to better describe the actual content. - Editor...
  Latex “Sit Firm, Sleep Soft” futon mattress.
  Latex is environmentally friendly and allows for maximum breathability. A hypo-allergenic product, latex dynamically conforms to the body. As conventional latex bedding is enjoying a fantastic revival of late, we are extending this trend to their futon line-up, and is off to a great start!...
  UPS shippable futon line-up
  Complete line of futon furniture and accessories that is all UPS shippable. “The fact that all of our products are UPS shippable means speedy delivery times and less shipping cost for small orders. This translates to an ability to sell beyond the stock in the storeroom,”...
  Many exciting changes and additions
  Constructed from American Oak, the Coventry, Vermont and Sierra arms feature solid craftsmanship and styling. The Coventry has traditional woodworking detail with a raised panel construction. The elegant lines are complemented with a mahogany finish. The Vermont features a Farmhouse style design and is finished....
  The collection will start out with:
  A 25 year-old trading group which sources its products primarily from Asia and Latin America for sale in North America. Fully integrated timber operation-from forest concessions and logging through finished products. Island Futons are manufactured from Nyatoh (knee-ah-toe) wood, a super strong teak-like Pacific hardwood ...
  One of the key differences with our product
  Wolf Corporation has licensed Royal Mattress if Burlington, Ontario, to manufacture and market Wolf brand name futons in Canada. Lofa Sales has agreed and will be mailing out information announcing new products, prices, and programs....
Market Watch : Projections
  Holiday Spending Trends
  According to noted consumer expert, Britt Beemer, consumers were going into December very interested in Christmas gift buying and plans for vacation and travel during the holiday period, but not picking out a new sofa for the family den. “Surveys we’ve conducted showed clearly the impact...
  Alternative Sleep Futon Conference
  “Right now I am focusing on one room in the house. With a strong bedroom category, I have three more chances to make it into my customer's home,” said Dave Buechner, FAI president and retail store owner/operator. With this interest in mind, the Futon Conference...
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