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Futon Life  Winter 1998-1999
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : The Futon Shop - Vertical, and proud of it!
  Success Story
  As the industry leader in their area they developed into a vertically integrated manufacturing company, with the buying power to purchase containers direct, acting as the importer. As the company grew during the early nineties it became a major import player rivaling the volume of some of the industry’s top national players....
  The Futon Shop - Production
  The characteristics of vertical integration are evident at every level at The FUTON Shop. As the company grew in the late eighties it discovered the many pitfalls of dealing with suppliers in a market that was experiencing projectile growth, i.e. a market that was selling more than the manufacturers could supply....
  The Futon Shop - Marketing
  The sales staff communicates pride in the products they offer because they appreciate all the effort it takes to produce a superior product. “Our Director of Retail Operations, Scott Soulman, started as a salesman with us, became the number one salesman, then a top store manager,”...
Business To Business : Life Style Covers: Futon Covers for Life
  Story Behind the Cover Story
  Life Style Covers is a family business, owned by Arthur and Lillian Nazginov. In a family business, as in any family, the past creates the present. Nazginov’s story also has a very interesting beginning as it relates to futon history, apart from his arrival as....
  Life Style Covers - Focus on Production
  Like many other cut and sew operations there is the construction side of the business and then there is the fashion side. Arthur Nazginov is the master technician at Life Style Covers and his machines make light work of some of the most time consuming aspects of the futon cover business....
  We work very hard, and party even harder
  The industrious nature of the owners and workers at Life Style Covers was encouraging. With many companies it seems that business is just business. For the Nazginovs and their team, business is part of life, and life is good...
Publishers Forum : Cheap black metal futon frame issue
  It’s Time To Pay
  The leaders in our futon industry (the ones who agree that cheap promo price only marketing is a wasteland) must find a way to put down the sword and take up the plow, and begin working together to present our category to the trade (the reps, the dealers,...
  It’s Back To The Piper
  Make principle based decisions, do what you do best, sell value not price, and always pay the piper. Lets go over this again. While futon furniture manufacturers and distributors were out looking for new business their core retailers were doing the same...
Retail Perspective : Seven Obstacles Futon Retailers Must Overcome
  Customers Speak Out
  “Low price cheap quality loses. Good value wins. Good customer service wins. Convenience wins – one stop shopping and ease of purchase.”...
  I Can’t Find Anything I Like - say furniture shoppers
  People surveyed, who shopped seriously but did not buy, complained that they couldn’t find anything they liked. And according to America’s Research Group, twenty percent of consumers they surveyed also complained about their inability to find what they wanted....
  Customers are Jerks
  Beemer is the Senior Research Director of America’s Research Group, a national firm which performs consumer behavior research across North America, interviewing up to 250,000 consumers annually...
The Road Not Taken : Random Observations From a Traveling Salesman
  Traveling Salesman Story
  I’d like to share some of the interesting things I’ve noticed in my three years on the road. College towns always have a lot of bagel shops, cafes, bookstores, boutiques, and taverns. And one futon store. These towns are quite charming, and even though most of the businesses are....
Industry Updates : News, News and more futon news
  U.S. Patent for E-Z Front Futon Conversion Mechanism
  Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks has awarded Island Futon Company a 20 year patent for its unique slot and post operating futon design that enables users to easily convert an Island Futon from sofa to bed from the front....
  Maintaining Highest Futon Standards
  VersaQuilt is a new futon cover developed by Malden Products that has a moisture barrier built right in. The patented quilting process creates a three-layer seal that not only protects the futon mattress from wetness, it adds plushness to the mattress and beauty to the room...
  Emphasizing the real value of futon
  A total of three Northern White Ash (7700 Series) arm styles in five different sizes will be stocked in the cherry finish...
  Updating The Soft Side of Futon
  Comfort Research has recently introduced a breakthrough product called the Polymorphic Poof Chair. The chair is similar to a beanbag, however it is filled with shredded urethane foam, rather than polystyrene like the old beanbags. This new product comes in a rainbow of colors...
  Fire Safety Certification Program
  NCBI has reached an agreement with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), Northbrook, Ill., to begin random testing and inspection of each member’s cotton batting in early ...
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