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Futon Life  Winter 2000-2001
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Images To Grow By
  Showing futon furniture in its best possible light.
  The images displayed here are designed to help consumers make the connection and identify themselves with an image that feels at home in their world. Images that allow them to see futon furniture in its best possible light. They are images to grow by....
Special Feature : How customers see the futon store
  Tell Me More
  First impressions count, and it would be great if my first glimpse would be to see sharp looking futon furniture offered in a softly lit gallery. The low level of merchandising that I discovered in some stores baffled me. I saw futons displayed against stores’ back walls, tucked away in corners and even in the basement of a store....
Publishers Forum : The Truth About Maturity. It Isn't Always Pretty
  Here is what I am seeing
  The comings and goings of major players (New Moon, New West, etc.) has always been intriguing to me, especially in a projectile growth marketplace. These days, as we begin to “mature,” these changes are less intriguing and more…
Retailer Perspective : How to Talk to a Tough Customer
  Emotional Intelligence
  Maybe you can solve the problem, and maybe you can’t. If you can, great. If you can’t, be apologetic and sympathetic about that. Often all people want is to be heard, understood, and sympathized with. The good news is that since the number of tough customers is small....
The Road Not Taken : I Dreamt That The Futon Expo Was A Magical City
  What an odd &#@!# dream
  As I entered the Futon Expo, my attention was immediately drawn to the ferris wheel and roller coaster at the far end of the exhibit hall. I thought, “This time I know I’ll get all the way to the back of the show. I love roller coasters! I wonder if they have cotton candy?”....
Industry Updates : Premium Line of futon frames that should knock some socks off
  Trendy Urban Look
  Many of our sleep shop dealers have asked us to address this product... there is a void for stylish, solid wood headboards.” He also stated, “On their floors now are a lot of metal beds in various price points...
  Success Story
  Since its start, the company has seen many strategic developments and business improvements, and recent months have been no different. Long known for its progressive and socially responsible business principles, our company considers its staff its most valuable asset....
Futons on Fire : Fire Marshal Testing Mattresses and Futons
  Standards for Bedding
  In light of this, the FAI has posed a series of questions that are of interest to the futon industry. This column addresses the first of these questions. Others will be addressed in future issues of Futon Life. FAI members who have questions on the subject may direct them to....
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