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Futon Life  Winter 2004-2005
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Unfolding the Story on Futon Covers
  Unfolding the Story on Futon Covers
  Futon covers are uniquely able to both stay current with trends in the furniture world and break some of its rules...
  Trends in futon covers
  For the most part, trends in futon covers are similar to trends in upholstery for traditional furniture. It is very important that futon covers and upholstered pieces match up....
  Custom Futon Covers vs. factory select
  As far as the futon covers themselves, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of what’s popular right now: faux leather and suede, washable fabrics and bright colors....
Industry Focus : Playing the Name Game
  Playing the Name Game
  “futon” was a Japanese word that referred to a thin cotton mattress. But this name now refers to a home furnishing product that bears little resemblance to its ancestor...
Publishers Forum : Futon Survey 2004
  Futon Survey 2004 part 1
  Average futon store sales statistics for each category of store type are encouraging. The first key is that we doubled the number of futon stores that responded, giving us a better look at the industry statistically. Seventy-seven percent of the stores....
  The Name Game Redux
  With very little fanfare, the Microfibre® brand just stepped into the void, and it now dominates the futon fabric industry. And it has none of the negative connotations of polyester....
Futon Survey Participants Feedback : Read What Participants have to say
  What would you change about Futon Life Magazine?
  Change nothing about Futon Life Magazine, happy with it as is. - Here is a sampling of the comments and suggestions we received along with the answers to the survey questions....
  Comments: sales tips and strategies
  It’s still hard to know what product mix is best. I’d like to see articles about the total number of futons, how many square feet, display ideas. How many stores just line futons up and get as many in as they can vs. the ones that do vignettes and groups - what sells better?....
  Comments: Article Suggestions
  I read every issue. We changed vendors a lot over the past few years. We see lots of vendors in the magazine but don’t know their reputations. What about doing a feature on each wholesale company to make a more informed choice on products? Do a review of quality....
  Comments: General Survey Quotes
  Come out with not so much a retailer’s version, but a customer’s version, without the direct contact information of manufactures. Show pictures of new stuff coming out with their 800 numbers and emails; no fax, no direct line number. This will weed out people trying to buy directly from manufacturers. Put more stores in there - a lot of info put out is strictly for retailers.....
The Road Not Taken : New Year's Resolutions
  New Year's Resolutions
  Avoid rich foods and lose some weight. Broken on January 1st. Same party, different resolution....
Words On Fire : Flammability Updates
  Flammability Updates & News
  Items exempted from adherence to TB 603 are: "Camping pads/mats for outdoor use; traditional airbeds and bladder water beds without quilting; infant car beds/pads; and sofa sleepers where the mattress....
Industry Updates : Futon Awarded Consumer Digest’s Best Buy
  Elegant & Functional Futon Collection
  The Bell Park futon frame combines beauty, functionality and elegance. It is one of Futon Place’s "Rock Solid Frames" with a patented front-loading operating system. The Bell Park’s arms are individually hand made out of rattan....
  Thanks for the Futon Survey Responses
  The chairs are filled with high-quality, high-density foam. Slipcovers are available in both fashion-forward and traditional colors. The company created a new line of Microfibre® fabrics specifically for the Comfort Sac....
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