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Know Before Buying

Learn everything there is to know about futon furniture before you buy!
If you have a questions about futons we got all the answers. FutonLife.com offers extensive information on history
and industry leading futon frames, futon covers, futon mattresses, components,  and even assembly instructions are here.
Ten-Minute Primer ~ (simpler version)

In-Depth Futon Primer


Why choose a futon over a traditional sofa sleeper?
Many reasons!

Futons offer many different style options. You can get a wooden futon frame, a metal frame, or a fully upholstered frame. Futons are highly customizable. Because you’re not just buying an all-in-one piece of furniture, you can customize your purchase to your preferences. Pick this futon frame to match your home décor style, that futon mattress for the comfort level you like, and this futon cover to tie it all together…the combinations are endless. Futons are lighter and less bulky than traditional sofa sleepers, and the mechanisms that convert them from sitting to sleeping are much easier to use.


        Futon Mattress & Covers 101  


        Futon Frames 101


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