Another Award For Oak & Leather Futon Designer Steve Sanfilippo
Updating Futon Frames
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It's New and It's At Home

At Home Furnishings will introduce, at the Futon Expo, its new line of well finished and packaged hardwood beds and accessories for the bedroom. There are four models, designed to retail from $299 to $450, and the margins will be excellent. "This has been a productive area for numerous speciality home furnishings businesses and is well worth looking into. At Home is offering its new pieces in three finishes, " said Sig Gordon, At Home President.
In addition, upgrades to At Home's extensive line of futon frames have resulted in frame bodies with significantly thicker rails and greater support for all parts. Servicing futon furniture after it leaves the store could become a faintly remembered task in a matter of months.

For those futon store owners who can turn at least 125 futon frames in three months, using several arm styles, At Home invites inquiries about its container program. The process is easy, efficient, and very profitable. The company backs up container direct-to-buyer shipments with domestic warehouse inventory, so that futon retailers, needs can be satisfied quickly.

Monticello Oak's New Futons & Platforms Showing At Markets

Futon frame design leader Monticello Oak will add to its collection of medium priced futon furniture this Spring with the addition of three new futon frames and four new platform beds, Monticello Oak Vice President and General Manager Martin Tratt announced.
Monticello Oak is a division of Budoff Classic Furniture, an upstate New York oak futon frame manufacturer since 1939. Monticello Oak futons feature a patented wall hugging mechanism, bed stabilization struts, and are built from domestically grown white oak, the hardest of the great North American oaks.

Award-winning designer Steve Sanfilippo designed the Monticello Oak Collection. He is a student of the post-Victorian "Arts and Crafts Movement", which is based on the principle that designs flow from function. Mr. Sanfilippo designs furniture and futons "to possess beauty of proportion, outline, and color".

Three new futons frame styles will be introduced including "The Abbey", featuring an arm panel evocative of sculptured tin ceiling squares popular at the turn of the century; "The Bungalow", featuring sculpted or arched arms and graduated arm posts; and "The Elan" a sculpted look with a Stickley influence.

Another Award For Oak and Leather Futon Designer Steve Sanfilippo

Steve Sanfilippo, who introduced new futon frame styles to the futon industry last year, was awarded the 1997 ADEX award for design excellence.
Mr. Sanfilippo introduced oak, wrought iron and leather futon designs last year when he introduced the Monticello Oak Collection by Budoff Classic Furniture. He will introduce three additional Monticello Oak styles in High Point this year. He also designed a new genuine leather futon cover line by Henri Julian which will be introduced this spring in High Point and at the FAI New Orleans show.
Mr. Sanfilippo was chosen from over 1,100 product entrants. ADEX annually presents it recognition to the nation's premier product designers.

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