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SIS Futon Covers Says "Fur Is Flying"

Super funky, fake fur futon covers and pillows from SIS Covers caused quite a commotion at the May Futon Expo in Phoenix. "The ecstatic response to our new Plush collection was quite a surprise" commented SIS Covers' John Christiansen. "Amusingly, it was our second highest placed item at the Expo," added Christiansen. Fun faux fur futon covers are available in seven vibrant fruit and veggie colors green bean, eggplant, tomato, squash, blueberry, carrot and black bean. Fur, bright colors and groovy patterns influenced by the early 70's were central to SIS Covers' booth for which the Minneapolis company received Best Visual Display. Coming this autumn from SIS, super snugly Polar Fleece for futons and pillows.

Beorc Velvets Tame the Wild West

At the recent Futon Expo in Phoenix, the Beorc Company unveiled its new velvet collection for the Davenportsleeper™. One of the new futon frame styles called the Dino, a 50's retro-styled futon frame, was upholstered in a clay velvet with swirl embossing. The Roland frame was shown in a plush velvet slipcover for a very rich and casual look.

According to Dean PakRoland, "We were very pleased with the response to our velvet cover line, faux suede and new futon frame styles, and especially surprised about the response to the Dino because its style was out there on the design side." In addition to the Dino futon frame, the Beorc Company also introduced six new arm and futon frame styles four of which were at a lower price point than what they had shown in the past. These futon frames were created at a new price point to satisfy those customers who enjoyed the product but did not have the market for Beorc's higher end units. Although these futon frames were at a lower price point, "We designed and built them without compromising the high quality our customers have come to expect," said PakRoland.

Another new creation from Beorc was the "quick slip" futon cover system for any Beorc frame. The quick slip is a one-piece slip futon cover that covers both the futon mattress and frame. The company has also made their futon covers more user-friendly for any Beorc frame.

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