Futon Life Interactive Poll 2
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Futon Life Interactive Poll 2

In your experience,
what is the most important aspect of your decision to buy futon furniture?

Comfort Utility/Dual Purpose Ease of use/Portability  Price  Associates Product Knowledge Quality
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Futon Life Knowledge base
Millions are discovering revolutionary futon furniture, the modern alternative to conventional sleeper-sofas. Read on and discover the versatility, functionality and value of beautiful, modern futon furniture.

Be a Wise Futon Shopper!
The more you know the better. By reading and learning the basics you will be better prepared when you go shopping for your new futon furniture.

The Futon Difference
Space-saving futon furniture makes any room bigger. Sofa by day, bed by night - versatile and functional futon sofa-sleepers are ideal in that extra room for overnight guests, or as a primary sofa or bed anywhere in your home. Comfort, simplicity and space-saving efficiency are qualities that appeal to young and old alike.

The Futon Furniture Switch Is On
Millions of people who originally bought futon furniture for a spare room or TV room sofa discovered just how comfortable they are - and have switched from traditional mattresses and waterbeds to futon mattresses for their primary sleeping surface.

Quality Unfolds With Real Value
Quality-made, durable futon furniture is an excellent value - it's considerably less expensive than a traditional convertible sofa bed, and is available in a range of styles to fit any budget and decor, giving you a real value for your home furnishing's dollar.