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With the economy the way it is, many people are having to move into smaller homes. Since the living space is already limited, having a giant bed will just make it feel even smaller. So one of the main benefits of a futon bed is that it can save you a lot of space. When you sleep at night, you can have it out as a bed and take up some room without a problem since you're sleeping. However, during the day time, being able to turn it into a couch is a big advantage since you can free up some room. Try doing that with a regular mattress. As mentioned earlier, because of their light weight, you can easily move the futon bed frame out of the way to a corner of the room if you wanted to in order to create even more space.

Going back to the economy, since times are tough now, every dollar counts. As you may know, buying a regular bed can be quite expensive. With futon beds, you can save a lot of money and have more than one furniture item at the same time, saving you the need for another couch as well. Futons are quite inexpensive. You can get one for anywhere between $80 to several hundred dollars. The cost difference is determined by the frame as well as what the futon itself is made of. In terms of the frame, the main choices are a metal futon frame and a wooden futon frame. Wooden ones are generally less expensive.