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Skirted Futon Slipcover vs. Traditional futon cover
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  Skirted Futon Slipcover Traditional futon cover
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Period: January 1st, 2010 to current date

Skirted Futon Slipcover:
New innovative product by Easy Fit inc. Skirted futon slip cover completely conceals the front and the back of the futon frame and provides an upholstered look. Features back and a front skirt.
The front skirt may be folded for exposed front appearance. Skirted futon cover is zipper-less, so you can apply or remove it in less then 30 Seconds. (We have done it) You do Not have to remove it for frame conversion.
Cons: None found

Traditional Futon Cover:
Your typical traditional futon cover is made in standard mattress sizes and features zipper that is made of nylon or metal and sometimes use zipper as heavy as a marine grade type and either located on both long and short sides of futon cover or on three sides of futon cover wrapping the long side and half way on both of short sides of the mattress. In any event, this makes it easy to put on or remove any of these futon covers
Futon Life Knowledge base
As you may know, accidents happen. A simple spill of a glass of wine or juice can ruin your futon. For this reason, you always want to have a futon cover on them. When you buy your futon bed, they should come with them depending on where you buy them. Things need to be washed and replaced. Over time, your covers will wear out and having a worn down looking futon defeats the purpose of having a cool looking piece of furniture in your room.

Since the cover themselves are easily replaceable, you can "repair" them quickly. You will have a couple of choices of futon covers such as futon slip covers and the ones that zip up or button up. You generally want to go with the zipper option since it'll be more secure. It's quite annoying when you have to adjust the cover to make it fit right every now and then. So getting a futon cover for protection the actually futon is the way to go if you want to save yourself the hassle of having to get your actual futon professionally cleaned if something major happens.

Choosing the Right Futon Covers
When it comes to getting the right futon cover, you will have to look at the general decor of your room. There are two basic types of covers you can get in terms of color and design: solid colors and patterns. If you room is bright in general, you will want to stick with a solid color. If your room is some where in the middle, a pattern design could work well. Having a futon cover that doesn't match with the rest of the room will make it look off, like it doesn't belong there. This is why when you buy the futon in the first place, the cover it comes with might not match the decor of your room.