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Wolf Futons To Be Manufactured in Canada by Royal Mattress

Royal Mattress Manufacturing Company of Burlington, Ontario, has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Wolf Corporation of Fort Wayne, Indiana, to produce and sell Wolf futon mattresses throughout Canada, according to Wolf President, Anthony Wolf.
Royal Mattress is now manufacturing the entire line of Wolf futon mattresses, including Wolf's proprietary brand of Endura Cotton
TM blend products. Wolf Corporation is one of the largest futon mattress manufacturers in the United States.

"This agreement introduces the Wolf brand to the vast Canadian market and provides Royal Mattress with a complete, high quality futon line to sell to its customers," said Wolf.
Wolf Corporation's exclusive Endura Cotton blend products, which provide extra cushioning comfort for sitting or sleeping, are the result of the company's vertical integration. "Because we harvest and process our own cotton," said Wolf, "we're able to create just the right mix of softness and support for Endura Cotton

Gold Bond's New 'Comfort Coil' futon is Priced For High Volume

Gold Bond is introducing the futon industry's newest innerspring futon innovation, the Comfort Coil TM futon mattress, to buyers at the High Point market in April and to futon specialists at the Futon Expo in New Orleans the following month.
The new innerspring futon mattress has been in development and testing since 1996. The breakthrough construction is engineered to provide a plush sofa like feel, to readily fold from bed to sofa positions, to eliminate "bottoming out", and to compete at sharp price points, Gold Bond President Robert J. Naboicheck reports.
Each Comfort Coil futon features two rows of heavy-duty Super Center coils in the futon's Fold Zone. These 14 gauge coils feature "breakaway" barrels that enable users to to easily fold and unfold the futon mattress.

Fourteen rows of 13 gauge support coils provide proper seat and sleeping support. Another exclusive feature of the new innerspring is a helical designed lacing system to ease folding and unfolding the mattress, as well.
"This is a proud addition to the Gold Bond product line," Mr. Naboicheck said. "Like its 'big brother' the Cotton Coil innerspring futon, this futon mattress is soft and comfortable. There are six layers of the finest cotton in the world around this spring unit, as well as four layers of the futon industry's best and densest foam. The Comfort Coil will retail from $179 to $199. Leading futon retailers are doing an extraordinary job with the step-up product now."

Big Sleep Introduces New "Dream Sleep" Line at New High Point Showroom

Big Sleep announced its Tri-Core foam cavity futon mattress "The Dream Sleep" will now feature Reflex Foam by Foamex. "By combining Reflex Foam and our revolutionary tri-zone spring system we're able to offer the consumer softer seating plus total lumbar support while sleeping," said company spokesman Bruce Sheppard. The "Dream Sleep" with its 100% satisfaction guarantee is retailing very well after its debut last year stated Sheppard, its designer. Sheppard further stated Big Sleep is in the process of obtaining a patent on the "Dream Sleep."
Also in the patent pending stage are two more offerings from Big Sleep. The "Dynasty Series," a 3 piece leather cushion set also using Reflex Foam and the latest knockout, the "Gatsby Series" cushion set. While both sets look more like sofa cushions, they both convert into beds when needed.

Wolf Futons Receive High Visibility at High Point

Wolf Corporation, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, has announced it will be the first futon cushioning manufacturer with display space in the International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC) at High Point, NC. The company will exhibit its complete line of futon cushions and mattresses, including Wolf's propriety brand of Endura CottonTM blend products, at the International Home Furnishings Market.

"Futons are becoming more and more popular with consumers, and we're glad to see them receiving such high visibility at the futon industry's largest furniture show," said Anthony Wolf, president of Wolf Corporation. "By having this prime display space in the IHFC building, we hope to attract new customers and provide an easy-to-find location for existing customers," he said.

Wolf Corporation, one of the largest futon cushioning manufacturers in the United States, was founded in 1873. The family-owned company manufactures a full line of sleep-related products and high quality internal padding components.

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