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Joe Tatulli - Year 2


Strolling down the memory lane Spring 90 to Winter 91

Volume 2 Number 1, Spring 1990
Futon Expo 6 - Denver, CO
Massey's Dove Frame & Futon Primer#1

The first ever "Futon Primer" hits the streets. This would be the first of several new benchmarks for the magazine. I believe when we honestly reported on the actual events of 1989, people around the futon industry began to make believers out of people outside the smaller circle. Business to Business became an opportunity to do features on futon manufacturers which is still happening today (now called the Cover Story). Shamiana was first. This issue also was the first to feature a Directory of Futon Manufacturers and Suppliers. Finally, Rona Batting made an appearance with a prophetic essay on the history of the world as only she could. (Read it at www.futonlife.com/archive/v2n1/rona.html)

Volume 2 Number 2, Summer 1990
Carl Newman's Circa 50 & The Gold Bond Story Begins

As we started to understand the layout process we began to have some fun with fonts, not bad for my pre-Mac days. We sell our first spread (they never paid for it by the way). Our feature story was about futon mattress industry leader Gold Bond Futon. Bob Naboicheck was committed to the futon mattress industry, even at this early stage. Seeing a legitimate factory set up to make futons was a real eye-opener for me. We also covered the Futon Expo in Denver which was a great show.

Volume 2 Number 3, Autumn 1990
One of My Favorite Covers

Tilt Chair was leading the way with a great line-up of American made pine and oak futon frames. Like many early start-ups they began in a small space and eventually moved into a larger one where real manufacturing took place. We also employed White Sonner as a writer for the first time and presented a global article on the European Community, reprinted from a Peat Marwick Company publication called World. The retail feature was on futon retailing in Boston where we explored the expanding futon presence. John Buster is the only survivor and he is still doing very well in Beantown to this day.

Volume 2 Number, 4 Winter 1990-91
Turning Point, Our First Color Cover

As we began to grow, and actually have an impact on our advertisers' exposure and sales, several forward thinking entrepreneurs began to make some wise decisions about going full color. Jens and Henrick Meyer of Nippon Denmark touched a soft spot when they offered to buy the cover if I would print it in color. Well, as many people don't realize, trade publications do this all the time. As publications go, trade journals typically cater (and I mean that literally) to the niche manufacturers and retailers in the "trade". They act as advocates for the futon manufacturers, and educators to the retailers regarding trends and other important aspects of a particular industry. We went with a color cover and Shamiana had the first color ad on the back cover. We printed the spread at a full color printer and then printed the inside front cover and inside back cover at our regular printer. This was a major turning point for us and the futon industry - we began to look like we were for real. We also covered futon covers for the first time in Retail Perspective and we also featured articles on the San Francisco show and announced our first ever Retailers Survey.

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