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Joe Tatulli - Part Year 3

Strolling down the Futon Life's memory lane

Volume 3 Number 1, Spring, 1991
Futon Expo 7 - Washington, DC
Davis Furniture & The First Survey

Davis Furniture's product was featured on the cover but the big thrill for me was the mention of Simmons and Sealy looking at the futon business. I had always believed that they would come in and help with the exposure of the futon concept to a broader base of futon retailers and futon mattress buyers who would now be made aware of this great category. This theory frequently got me in trouble with smaller minded vendors and dealers who felt threatened by these huge marketing and manufacturing companies. I always believed that the smaller companies, who understood the advantage of the exposure, would do fine no matter who came along. Hey, don't forget my competitors are Fairchild, Channers, and Cap Cities/ABC. We're talking huge. We also announced the new Simmons "Beautyrest" Futon program sold exclusively through From The Source in Sparta, TN, and had a 10 year anniversary feature on Futonair of Canada and their new air bed-futon product (There is more from the Normands on page 37).

Volume 3 Number 2, Summer 1991
A Walk in the Park with Rhea International

Maria and Lee Romano, of Rhea International, graced our third color cover (another one of my favorites). We covered the Futon Expo in Washington, DC. and for the first time offered color advertising space inside the book. I was also getting better working on the Macintosh.

Volume 3 Number 3, Autumn 1991
From the Source #1

After the patent cover issue died down, Bill, Gary, & Bob came back into the picture. From The Source was building a futon empire. Our first survey results were delivered as were announcements of a new working relationship with FANA where we would cooperate on our mutual goals of making "Futon" a household word. This issue also featured a stitched-in collateral piece for retailers by Shamiana, the first of its kind in the futon industry.

Volume 3 Number 4, Winter 1991-92
Innovation Castle Cover & Futon Primer #2

This issue marked a doubling of our circulation from 5,000 to 10,000 home furnishings retailers and the second iteration of the Futon Primer (which has become a staple part of the publication). Flemming Hojfeldt of Innovation rented an entire Danish Castle (Clausholm Castle circa 1700) for this classic FL cover shot.

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