Futon Life's memory lane Spring 92 to Winter 92-93
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Joe Tatulli - Year 4

Strolling down the Futon Life's memory lane Spring 92 to Winter 92-93

Volume 4 Number 1, Spring 1992
Futon Expo 8 - Houston, TX
From the Source #2

Four of the finest futon ladies of From The Source graced the cover. We also featured a "Best-in-the-Universe" retail contest which was eventually won by Chet and Kathy Stoler of the Futon Gallery in Minneapolis. This issue also featured a picture of Bill and Gary Shaffield with their dad John, seventy years of furniture making experience. I also pulled a real boner by putting an FTS flyer right in the middle of the center spread. Wade Svicarovich of Custom Designs was rather upset, but gave us an opportunity to redeem ourselves. We are now publishing twelve thousand copies.

Volume 4 Number 2, Summer 1992
Cotton Works Industries & Survey #2

Jim Martin went all out on this great cover shot. We begin to use our trademark slogan "Nobody knows futons like Futon Life." This issue also has a first, a postage paid card for futon store owners to send in so they could get free info from our advertisers. We also included our second national retailers survey.

Volume 4 Number 3, Autumn 1992
Tilt Chair #2 & "Best-in-the-Universe"

This Tilt Chair cover is another of my favorites. We did a great job of reproducing the retro B&W; look of the sharpest and crispest photo I have ever seen. The Futon Gallery of Minneapolis won our first and last "best retailer in the universe" contest hands down. I remember going into Chet & Kathy's stores six months later and they had the story framed on the wall of each store. I began to understand that we were actually having an impact.

Volume 4 Number 4, Winter 1992-93
Gold Bond #2 & Survey '92 results

Bob Naboicheck was still thinking black and white when we did this cover. Our second survey's results were released with $399 being the most common price point for a futon, cover and futon frame ensemble. FAI also announced the creation of The Book of Futon, a comprehensive historical anthology of the futon industry.

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