Futon Life's memory lane Spring 93 to Winter 93-94
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Joe Tatulli - Year 5

Strolling down the Futon Life's memory lane Spring 93 to Winter 93-94

Volume 5 Number 1, Spring 1993
Futon Expo 9 - San Diego, CA
Casual Lifestyles #1

Chet and Kathy Stoler begin to make a major statement with their Lotz Wood furniture. We feature a reprint of an article from Bed Times about the creation of the Better Sleep Council. The Futon Marketing Council, the Futon Association's PR program was modeled after it. As I was looking back at these older issues I was amazed at the heaviness of the paper we used. I think it all helped propel us forward.

Volume 5 Number 2, Summer 1993
Sun Tui's Cover Shot

When Dan Weiss called and began to talk about wanting to do a cover I balked at first. I had always viewed Sun Tui as shrouded in mystery. They were selling thousands of mattresses and were now moving into the futon frame business. I consented to do the story but sensed that something wasn't kosher when I went to the wood plant. Everything was ready to go but no one was making anything. Dan had broken the Naboicheck rule* and was venturing into uncharted waters. The wood plant would never really get up to speed and would eventually be the straw that broke the angels back.

*When I first met Bob Naboicheck he stressed this rule. Always do what you do best, as well as you can. Don't believe you can do it all, it may be your downfall.

Volume 5 Number 3, Autumn 1993
Casual Lifestyles #2

We started putting a band at the top of the cover and it has survived ever since. I know this may all sound a bit insignificant but I can still remember making these small changes like it was yesterday. We inaugurated the Hot Covers section and Tambra Jones took over the Futon Expo Coordinator position from the retired Deb Austin.

Volume 5 Number 4, Winter 1993
Shamu, Orlando and our biggest Typo Ever*

Lois Bergerson and Mary O'Leary were combining hard work, quality goods and service, and custom applications to an futon industry that was still trying to find its direction. Patty O'Neil wrote a visual merchandising story and the first of many "State of the Industry" editorials appears. Things are still looking up by the way. Also Lowenstien buys From the Source and New West. You can read all about it in Dave Garretson's article on page 8 of this issue.

*Can you find it? The first person who sends in a correct response via the US mail, identifying our error will win an original Futon Life "Futon Definition" T-shirt and a new Futon Life Masthead T-shirt. See address on table of contents.

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