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Joe Tatulli - Year 6


Strolling down the Futon Life's memory lane

Volume 6 Number 1, Spring 1994
Futon Expo 10 - Orlando, FL
Shamiana Shows Off & Futon Primer #3

Up to this time we had charged our advertisers for the cover and cover story. During a trip to Orlando to check out the Expo site Bob Naboicheck, Irma McInness, and I drove to Tampa to go to Burnes Steak House (if you ever go to Tampa make reservations at Burnes). During the hour or so drive Bob drove the car and me into the free cover era. He very carefully detailed his argument and the first free cover went to Shamiana. I would try to sell Pranji the cover but he would never buy it. He said, "When you do it for free then I want one." I promised him "if" I ever did he would be first. I did and I kept my promise. National Woodcraft also made a major splash with their "we're back" four page pull-out.

Volume 6 Number 2, Summer 1994
Omni's Ten Year Anniversary

Robin Reid had carved out quite a niche for herself in the futon cover business. From The Source/New West started doing spread ads and Joe Zola started a series of articles on selling which are still worth reading. We also published the first of several stories on Bob Fireman, one of the people we can credit for the very existence of the futon industry we are all a part of. Hot Futon Covers is now in full color.

Volume 6 Number 3, Autumn 1994
The National Woodcraft Team

National Woodcraft, the company that produced several of the futon industry's early major successes (the T.H.I.S. and the Dove) was making a major comeback. Joe Zola was teaching us how to close and Tim Jacobs, FAI Administrative Director, took some time out of his busy schedule to write a highly informative article on the then current cotton shortage and its volatile effect on the price of cotton fibers. We had also just moved our company to Providence and were now publishing over eighteen thousand copies of Futon Life.

It was also in this issue that we printed an obituary/eulogy to the recently departed Charlie Fiantaca. Charlie had made a mark with his company The American Futon, helping the futon industry to continue to craft an image of quality and value, based upon product Made In America. Charlie died on September 8, 1994 in the crash of US Air flight 427 over Pittsburgh, PA.

Volume 6 Number 4, Winter 1995
New West/From The Source Team #3

We published our first ever Directory and Buyer's Guide. We also covered the big changes happening at the industry's (then) biggest company, New West/From The Source. This issue also included my first ever Publishers Forum. The magazine was growing up with the industry it covered and we had been privileged to see it all unfold.

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