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Joe Tatulli - Year 7

Strolling down the Futon Life's memory lane Spring 95 to Winter 95-96

Volume 7 Number 1, Spring 1995
Futon Expo 11 - Minneapolis, MN
The Minneapolis Expo's Hosts & Survey #3

If the futon industry has a heart it's in Minneapolis, and the Eleventh Annual Futon Expo finally made it to the Twin Cities. When this cover shot was taken in the early months of 1995, the seams were already beginning to come apart for Casual Lifestyles and Tilt Chair, two of the most successful futon industry vendors at the time. Just a side note, when I was writing this article I noticed the jumper cables in Joe Hammer's hands for the first time. We also included the results of our third retail survey. This one was taken by telephone and it gave us a great handle on the current state of the futon industry at retail. We are publishing almost twenty thousand copies.

Volume 7 Number 2, Summer 1995
Bob Fireman and Mike Flam

Although Bob Fireman had been a part of From The Source for years, he had never made the cover, so this was his first moment in the spotlight. We covered the Futon Association's dilemma with the dates of their Expo, which had always been held in May. The Minneapolis show had been a huge success with over 1,300 attendees. This issue also had a comprehensive article on futon covers, and we finally went over twenty thousand copies published.

Volume 7 Number 3, Autumn 1995
FAI PR Program - We Can't Afford Not To

This cover featured one of the John Crum photos that were taken for the FAI PR program. The Association's plan was to help consumers better understand the very flexible futon concept with a series of room setting shots that featured certain products selected by Shandwick USA, the PR firm, from among the hundreds of products submitted by FAI members. These photos are still in demand today. We also ran the third iteration of the Futon Primer and a short and bittersweet good-bye to Tilt Chair.

Volume 7 Number 4, Winter 1996
The Euro Theatre & Survey #4

Part two of the Futon Primer and a great story on the state-of-the-industry in Europe by Carlo Merli (with Dale Read doing the ghost writing) appeared in this issue. It was also the first of two covers with white backgrounds. New West's new president, Richard McLeod, began to take control of the company which had stumbled during an incredible growth spurt. We also included our fourth survey.

We also printed the sad news of waterbed and futon industry veteran Harvey Leichter of Harlee International's passing. Harvey's son Steve is now head of the company and is a member of the current Board of FAI.

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