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Futon Life  Summer 1998
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : How Much Is That Futon In The Window?
  Act one - The store is closed. And yet the place is selling futons.
  Windows. Your store-front. The best advertisement and image maker possible. Your company's soul: out there, on display. Do your windows work for you?...
  Act Two - Beyond Futons
  Make a system of paint chips, wallpaper, floor treatments you like, fabrics and stains for each of the rooms you show. Take some pictures and be ready one year later when the customer drives up and wants it just like last year's showcase (the one you've since dismantled and forgotten)....
  Waterbeds Flotation
  Like many of his peers in the waterbed business there were boom years, and there were the regrets. Glasser's experience ran the gamut from starry eyed wealth to losing it all. "My experience during that time has seasoned me," said Glasser....
Special Feature : Advanced Futon Studies
  Education at The Institute of Futon
  Some concepts sound so ingenious and are infused with so much common sense that you wonder why everyone isn't doing it. Everyone who participates in the Institute of Futon is evaluated - teachers, students, everyone...
  Futon Education Continues
  He shows me how to pick up a futon mattress so I won't hurt my back. The inside of the truck is spotless. Next we move to the futon sewing room. "This is where we do all the cutting and sewing," sew...
Publishers Forum : Consolidation And The Road Ahead
  The Business Buzzword
  Stronger companies had simply picked up where our fallen comrades had left off, consolidating the business within a smaller number of players, and off they went-"business as usual"...
  The Report Card
  Stronger companies had simply picked up where our fallen comrades had left off, consolidating the business within a smaller number of players, and off they went-"business as usual"...
The Road Not Taken : Reflections Of An Elder Tribesman
  Futon Expo New Orleans
  For those of you who missed it, this year's Futon Expo was a little quiet, but it was still hu-u-u-u-ge compared to previous year: about a hundred exhibitors, and held in a convention center. It's been some time since the futon show was held in a hotel....
Industry Updates : Futon Expo in New Orleans - refreshing experience
  Where did it all go? Well
  With attendance down at this year's Futon Expo in New Orleans, it was refreshing to experience the busy traffic in our booth," People weren't ooo-ing and ahh-ing over what they did see, but rather what they didn't see ...
  Futon Expo in New Orleans - aftermath
  "The only blues we heard was on Bourbon Street, and we left New Orleans on a very high note," reports Bob Glade. "Everyone loved what we were doing, and our space was busy from start to finish," he said. The real buyers were there and they proved it with their orders....
  And, there's more. The full impact for the furniture industry is two-fold; not only will you see more shoppers in stores in the next few months, but those shopping will be inclined to spend more, giving retailers a double punch...
Futon Cover News : At the New Orleans' Expo: Slipcovers and Sheets
  At the New Orleans' Futon Expo, SIS Covers premiered a brand new line of bedding for its customers. The Neat Futon Sheet collection features bold, European designs on 200 thread count, 100 percent cotton fabric. SIS Covers' exclusive designs...
  The Internet Website
  Today the company maintains a ready-to-ship inventory of more than 100 fabrics, ranging from affordable "basics" to high-end, jewel-toned tapestries. Also recently introduced a luxury washed velvet line....
  The history of Northern Cross is as interesting as the VersaQuiltTM. NCI's flagship product is called Window Quilt, which is the only product available which saves 80% of a window's heat loss in the winter and 86% of a window's cooling loss in the summer....
Futon Covers - Hot Topic : Merchandising, Quality, Choices
  A Retailer’s Best Friend
  Imagine hearing about a business opportunity that offered the ideal constellation of features: a growing demand, an uncomplicated product, a limited number of competitors, and relatively high and stable profitability. This opportunity doesn’t even take much of an investment to get into...
  Who’s Buying What - and Why?
  Like the demographics of the futon buyer, the typical futon cover buyer is a woman between the ages of 35 and 50. Surprisingly, most retailers reported that the customer’s choice of cover is based primarily on color and design rather than price....
  Merchandising Covers Swatches, Books, Rings.
  Inventively displaying, inventorying, and pricing futon covers allows retailers to differentiate themselves, gain a competitive advantage, and increase their business. With regard to displaying samples, sample books, swatch rings, and sample racks are the stock of the trade....
  It pays to have Satisfied Customer.
  I found that the most common problem is that customers order the wrong size futon cover. They think they have a queen when they have a full - or vice versa. Sometimes there’s a problem with fit because of the growing number of mattress choices nowadays...
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