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Futon Life  Winter 1999-2000
Inside Futon Life This Month :
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Cover Story : Off Track Bedding Keeping It Simple, Every Night
  Buy futon furniture based on what you are going to do with it
  Futon Life always looks for a focus for our futon store owners stories, and Roanne has a great story to tell. “One of the great things about Off Track Bedding is our adaptability,” said Barron. “When we opened we had every type of sleep surface available in a two thousand square foot space. But it was the waterbed that gave us our greatest opportunity,”...
Special Feature : Industry Regional Futon Price Point Survey
  Futon Component Prices from Sea to Shining Sea
  As we began our research, we first asked futon retailers about their current prices on three types of full size futon mattresses. Store owners were asked for their most popular price point for a cotton and foam mattress, a cotton and polyester futon mattress, and an innerspring futon mattress....
Publishers Forum : What's My Line? Which Futon Component Drives This Thing?
  Futon industry is built around a three components
  It is the futon mattress that started most of us on this long and winding road. It was the comfort and flexibility. It was the purity of natural fibers, and a back to basics minimalist aesthetic. Standards are next. No component other than the futon mattress has a self imposed futon industry standard....
Retail Perspective : Make Your Employees Partners In Profit
  Plan for success - Share the wealth.
  Not exactly how you’ve been running things? Well, here’s some good news. You can do all this much more easily than your bigger competitors, where employee attitudes are ingrained in a calcified corporate culture. “It’s faster to turn around a speed boat than the Queen Mary,” says Blanchard...
The Road Not Taken : Uh, sorry, but the dog ate my list of Y2K excuses
  I know that you are waiting for a delivery from us this morning
  Y2K is, and will be, the greatest boon to excuse-making in modern times. Never before, and perhaps never again, will we have such a perfect excuse for everything that goes wrong...
Industry Updates : Futon Cover Takes The Piping Plunge At San Fran Market
  Committed to offering the latest in home fashions
  With eighty custom swatch fabrics with their signature “west-coast look”, has been very well received among futon retailers who are looking for swatches that are unique and distinctive. Carefully chosen, rich fabrics that can be used as futon covers but also as bedding accessories as well...
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