Affordable Day Bed Covers for Sleeping Soundly

While we have made a name for ourselves on futon beds and futon covers, our store has just about everything else you need to create a comfortable home. No household can be complete without a comfy place to sleep, we got it all of the products you need to make your bedding products more attractive and enjoyable than ever. From day bed covers for your beloved guests to fitted mattress covers for your personal bedroom, our expansive, attractive product line, is sure to have something for you. Few things are more important than a good night's sleep, and our products will make sure you are always well rested.

Fitted Mattress Covers for All Tastes

Not only will we cover up your bedding, we will do so in style! No two homes should look alike, and every single day bed cover on our website is completely unique. Whether you want your furniture to reflect your artistic tastes or just want to create a relaxing environment for you and your friends, chances are we have a slipcover for you. Our attractive fabric collection gives you the freedom to mix and match with your existing futon covers, or start over with something completely fresh. The choice is yours!

Customer Care for Bedding Products, Futon Covers, and More

Whether you are looking to reinvent your home with our fitted mattress covers, or just need a few odds and ends for the house, we strives to provide some of the very best customer service in the world of furniture! In addition to selling a wide variety of futon covers online, we sell skirted futon covers as well. We welcome all local customers to visit our factory outlet in New York City for even bigger savings. Those outside of New York can enjoy our products tax-free, and our dedicated support staff is always happy to talk online or over the phone. Whether you have questions about an order or simply want to know more about a product, just give us a call!