Futon Cover Stats: The Thread of Continuity

Futon cover Futures: Pulling the Loose Threads Together

Most retailers agree that the futon cover is the finishing touch if your competition is the traditional sofa-bed. By adding bolsters and pillows to the futon you can easily define a unique look for any interior style.

"We are selling the best alternative to a (traditional) sofa bed," said Melinda Welton, who added that she shows lots of futon accessories in her retail environment. "What helps us sell is the overall presentation. The futon covers, pillows and accessories we show separate us from the lower end stores," Welton said.

"The futon cover sells the futon frame," said Mark Warford. Many futon retailers shared similar stories at the recent PR & Marketing panel discussions at the FAI Futon Expo in St. Paul, MN. One retailer shared about a particular futon frame group that just wasn't selling well at all. In a last ditch effort the retailer put on a dark green tapestry style futon cover with coordinating pillow accents and he sold several room groupings of the futon frame that weekend.

The big question many people asked during the panel discussion was, "How do I pick the right futon covers?," and "How do I set up my futon showroom so it looks like a page in a magazine?" After some brainstorming we came up with the following possible resources:

  • contact a local Interior Decorator and ask him or her for some help with your window display. In exchange you could post their name in the window or help them with some leads.
  • contact a local Art College or Vocational School for some free help or creative ideas.
  • make a visit to your local Crate and Barrel or Pier One store for some fresh ideas.
  • talk directly to your futon cover manufacturer and get them to put together a coordinated package for you with futon covers, pillow covers and bolster covers too.
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