Futon V Sofa Bed

What is the difference between a futon sofa sleeper and a traditional sofa sleeper?

There is a difference, but only in the comfort and value.

Here are the major differences:

Overall Style and Comfort:
A traditional sofa sleeper looks like a standard couch. To sleep on it you need to remove the seat cushions and pull out the mattress which is attached to a metal frame. The mattress, by design, is usually thinner than a standard mattress and the "bar in the back" syndrome is apparent for anyone trying to sleep on it.

A futon sofa sleeper simply converts from a bed to a couch and back again with a simple conversion scheme built into the frame itself. You both sit and sleep on the same cushioning.

A traditional sofa sleeper has seat cushions and a foldable mattress which have a comfort level that is fixed by the manufacturer. You get what they have.

A futon sofa sleeper allows you to choose the comfort level you want because you choose the mattress you want. Hard, firm, soft, cushy. You get what you want.

Upholstery Options:
The upholstery on a traditional sofa sleeper is permanently affixed to the frame and cushions.

A futon sofa sleeper allows you to choose a cover and then change it if you want to change your decor.

Moving a traditional sofa sleeper is a major chore. They weigh in at about 175 lbs. or more and getting them through a standard doorway or up a stairwell is tricky at best for a professional moving company, let alone an untrained consumer.

A futon sofa sleeper usually is assembled on site and is much lighter and easier to move.

A decent traditional sofa sleeper will cost you anywhere from $999 to $1599 and up. Cheaper models and close outs will be less.

A decent futon sofa sleeper will cost you $599 to $899 and up. Cheaper metal, pine wood models and close outs will be less.

The American version of the futon sofa sleeper style allows the comfort level of the seating cushion to also be the comfort level of the sleep surface.

Futons offer many different style options. You can get a wooden futon frame, a metal frame, or a fully upholstered frame. Futons are highly customizable. Because you’re not just buying an all-in-one piece of furniture, you can customize your purchase to your preferences. Pick this futon frame to match your home decor style, that futon mattress for the comfort level you like, and this futon cover to tie it all together…the combinations are endless. Futons are lighter and less bulky than traditional sofa sleepers, and the mechanisms that convert them from sitting to sleeping are much easier to use.



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