Primer Foam Demonstration

In-Depth Primer~Animated Foam illustration

The simple animations below are designed to visually represent the essential differences of visco elastic (tempur) and latex foam products.  These two foam products are currently the material of choice in the specialty mattress and futon mattress categories.


Visco cells react to both weight and heat by slowly collapsing upon themselves.


The low resilience (LR) properties of visco cells minimize any tendency to push back into their former expanded state. The foam therefore slowly conforms to body shape and also becomes "softer" where pressure and body heat are present. To “feel” the full impact of this type of foam you will need to lie down on it for about three to four minutes.

Latex cells react to weight only.

They continuously push back with their high resilience (HR) properties. The texture of latex foam is such that it feels soft and comfortable while offering great support.

Each product has its own unique comfort properties and those properties are inherent to the way each responds to weight and how visco elastic foam responds to heat. Each manufacturer of these products also uses their own proprietary manufacturing formulas and curing techniques making each product somewhat unique.
In layman's terms, we would categorize visco as "conforming" and latex as "firm."



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